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Flybery Sport: Good people and a good story are key

Monday, 18 Jun
Kamil Bajolek
In January 2018, we launched our very first campaign #WhoAmI, around our Flybery Women community. The aim of the campaign was not only to grow the community but also the awareness of the platform amongst active women. In the second of our three-part series of blogs discussing our #WhoAmI campaign, we look a little closer at the story, the people, and the creative, behind the campaign.

Flybery Sport: How we ran a successful campaign

Thursday, 31 May
Kamil Bajolek
In January 2018, we launched our very first campaign #WhoAmI, around our Flybery Women community. The aim of the campaign was not only to grow the community but also the awareness of the platform amongst active women. We’ve written a series of short blogs which take you through building our campaign from idea, to engaging the community, and the results we saw (spoiler - they were pretty good). Hopefully, this might be of use to some of you, particularly those on the MSc Entrepreneurship, who are embarking on your own start-up journey.

Proud to be part of UCL MSc Finance?

Monday, 14 May
Irina Chen

When I introduce myself as an UCL MSc Finance student, I clearly feel external admiration because of the reputation of UCL and competitive candidate selection in the programme. But what about myself?

After two terms, I would say yes as I learn with talents, gain from opportunities, and grow stronger for my early career. The small class size makes me truly feel that I am cared about in the group, and everyone gets the chance to shine! I hope my experience in this new-born programme will help you learn more about it!

In the (cool) shoes of a Master’s student in Canary Wharf

Monday, 16 Apr
Florence Espitalier-Noel
What a feeling… stepping out of the Canary Wharf station and realising that I would be studying on the 38th floor of the second tallest building in the UK!

Tasks, tasks, and more tasks: How to stay on top of your to-do list

Monday, 12 Feb
Monica Georgieff
In any room full of students on the UCL School of Management campus, you will notice at least half of those on laptops are writing their assignments.

Flybery - a business born at UCL

Wednesday, 31 Jan
Kamil Bajolek

I'm Kamil Bajolek, a former MSc Entrepreneurship student, and I want to share with you my story of turning a rough business idea into 'Flybery' - a successful startup.


Thursday, 18 Jan
Gagneet Singh

Having spent several months studying at University College London, I feel obliged to give the world an update on how UCL truly is. Aside from providing a vast experience, I was surprised to see the level of diversity in the student community. I have never seen such diversity in one area, and did not expect to learn so much from students that represent 80 different countries. In fact, some students are seen working 12-13 hours after class, to deliver their very best in coursework and projects. If that does not count as immense dedication, I don’t know what does!

Working at a startup while studying

Sunday, 14 Jan
Kamil Ryszkowski

I am a student currently in my third year of my BSc Information Management for Business degree at UCL’s School of Management and I work part-time (though more often than not it feels like full-time!) as a Business Associate at True AI - a London-based start-up researching and commercialising conversational software using deep learning AI.

Silicon Valley 2017 - The “centre of entrepreneurship”

Thursday, 13 Jul
Adrian Kondrat and Widya Salim
In addition to the Tel Aviv Trek, 20 other MSc Entrepreneurship students went to visit Silicon Valley - an area dubbed as the “centre of entrepreneurship” around the world - to learn entrepreneurship from the best representatives of cutting edge startups and venture capital (VC) firms.

Tel Aviv 2017 - An Inspirational Trek

Wednesday, 7 Jun
Vic Vansevenant
At the end of May 2017, 23 MSc Entrepreneurship students, along with Progamme Director Simon Hulme, travelled to Tel Aviv to discover the Israeli startup ecosystem.

Microsoft experts discuss cyber security and data management in a digital age

Monday, 20 Mar
Rikke Duus

UCL School of Management’s BSc Information Management for Business (IMB) students were given the opportunity to learn more about cyber security and data management form Microsoft experts, Ian Farr and Chris Ayres.

The talk was delivered as part of the 2nd year Business in the Digital Age module, which explores the digital transformation of organizations, customers and societies.