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Ashleigh Topping | 5 October 2022

Working in partnership with UCL School of Management and UCL's Innovation & Enterprise team

The UCL School of Management has been working in collaboration with UCL’s Innovation and Enterprise team to promote a range of opportunities whereby businesses can connect with students and researchers.

This year, TurinTech hosted three students from the School of Management’s Master’s in Business Analytics programme. TurinTech is a leading AI optimisation company that empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the code optimisation and data science workflow. 

We recently caught up with the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of TurinTech, Lingbo Li, to find out more about the ways in which working with UCL School of Management students supported the business.

how was the overall experience working with ucl school of management students?

Students demonstrated curiosity and enthusiasm in their respective topics. They had dived deep into causality studies related to time-series applications. One of the students, Anton, even went further to improve causality-based feature selection algorithm by combining two different unrelated but complementary studies. Given that the result is promising, we at TurinTech believe that the research is applicable to us, and we are looking into ways of actually implementing them into our evoML.ai platform.

what value has the project brought to turintech?

The project has helped our data scientist not only to learn new concepts and ideas from supervising the students’ project, but also to generate new ideas derived from those projects. New ideas from students drive us to come up with innovative ideas ourselves as we constantly develop and improve our evoML.ai platform. 

TurinTech had first approached the Innovate UK EDGE team at UCL Innovation & Enterprise in July 2019 to discuss access to funding as well as international partnerships. In November 2021, as TurinTech was expanding, UCL’s Innovation & Growth Specialist, Jonathan Grinbaud, encouraged them to apply to the UCL School of Management Business Analytics programme.

If you would like to find out more about our Business Analytics Student Projects, please visit our Business Analytics webpage, register your interest, or contact our Student Projects and Development Co-ordinator, Tracey Phillipson. For more information on how to become connected to world-changing ideas and innovations, take a look at UCL’s Innovation and Enterprise initiatives.

Last updated Monday, 17 October 2022