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Joost Rietveld talks changes in the gaming industry in 2023 with Bloomberg

Tuesday, 24 Jan
UCL School of Management Associate Professor Joost Rietveld has recently featured in an article published by Bloomberg UK that analyses the current video gaming industry, including its areas of growth and recovery, and makes predictions on the field’s big hits of 2023. Joost, an expert in digital platforms and gaming, also discusses the complex relationship between distribution platforms and hardware platforms and how this might change in 2023.
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Anthony Klotz shares his 2023 workplace predictions with HRM and To Vima

Tuesday, 17 Jan
UCL School of Management Associate Professor Anthony Klotz has featured in a number of prominent news outlets recently to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘The Great Resignation’ on the global workforce. Sitting down with Australia’s HRM and Greece’s leading Sunday newspaper, To Vima, Anthony also shares his predictions and theories on what workplaces will look like in 2023, and what this ultimately means for both employers and employees.

UCL School of Management faculty member wins 'Professor of the Year' Award

Friday, 13 Jan
Last month, UCL School of Management Senior Teaching Fellow Mario Vanhoucke received the 'Professor of the Year' award from the American College of Performance Management, an organisation that validates project control methods in practice. The annual award is presented to faculty members that both demonstrate pedagogical excellence and publish academic papers and books that centre upon performance management.
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Anthony Klotz's tips for strengthening employee-employer relationships in 2023

Thursday, 12 Jan
Speaking with MIT Sloane review Professor Anthony Klotz shares his advice to employers for strengthening employee-employer relationships in 2023

Analytics Lab Project: A Guide to Automating Using AI

Tuesday, 10 Jan
A new report from UCL students and consultancy firm Capgemini argues that while automation is a beneficial accompaniment to the use of artificial intelligence, organisations will only succeed if they can effectively identify the areas that require automation, as opposed to applying it arbitrarily. Carried out at the UCL School of Management’s Analytics Lab, the report also explores the different factors that organisations should consider when looking to implement automated AI.
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What will collaboration in the workplace look like in 2023?

Wednesday, 4 Jan
Collaboration is the key to innovation and creating a successful workforce, but as work patterns change and the hybrid approach becomes increasingly more popular, how can leaders foster a collaborative workforce? Writing for Asana, Jen Rhymer shares her prediction for collaboration at work in 2023.
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As the workplace balance of power shifts Anthony Klotz warns flexibility is key

Tuesday, 3 Jan
Since the 'Great Resignation', the workplace power dynamic has been largely in favour of employees, but as we emerge from this phenomenon Anthony Klotz warns it is not a time for employers to take their staff for granted. Talking to the Wall Street Journal he warns if employees don’t feel valued they may retaliate.