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UCL SoM is doubly represented on the UKRI’s new Early Career Researcher Forum

Monday, 1 Mar
Congratulations to Research Associates, Lei Liu and Mohamad Sadri from our Strategy and Entrepreneurship group for having been selected to join UK research Innovation, UK Research Innovation, UKRI’s, newly-created Forum for Early Career Researchers.
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Experimenting with scenario planning

Thursday, 25 Feb
Speaking to Management Issues, Jim Berry discusses the importance of scenario planning for organisations to not only be better prepared for unexpected changes that can disrupt their business model but to help build a more robust organisation.

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How short assignments for front-line employees can boost innovation

Tuesday, 23 Feb
There are real benefits to be seen when front-line employees exchange knowledge and ideas to foster an innovative organisational culture, according to an article in the MIT Sloan Management Review from UCL School of Management’s Bilal Gokpinar and co-authors Phillip Cornelius and Fabian Sting from Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Cologne


Platform Competition Review

Monday, 22 Feb
The interest in platform competition continues to grow rapidly. The rise of the internet dramatically increasing both the scale and scope of platform competition leading most business media outlets to describe the current economic landscape as a “platform economy”. In a recent paper published in the Journal of Management, UCL School of Management’s Joost Rietveld and co-author provide a systematic and interdisciplinary review of the academic literature on platform competition.

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The need for interdisciplinary research and policy making

Friday, 19 Feb
Speaking with Al-Fanar Media, Susana Frazao Pinheiro, discussed the ever-growing importance of interdisciplinary research initiatives and how the UCL School of Management is spearheading this multidiscipline style of learning through combined programmes with UCL’s School of Pharmacy.

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Embracing unsolicited advice can benefit your workforce

Thursday, 18 Feb
Talking with HR Magazine, Blaine Landis discussed the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive work culture and how his latest research can help businesses can best promote a culture of solicited and unsolicited advice-giving, which is essential for any organisations to succeed.

Dr Laura Claus appointed as an Associate of Cambridge Judge Business School

Wednesday, 17 Feb
The fellowship recognises the impact of Laura’s research on social innovation and her extensive work in helping organisations understand and create social value.

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Is Zoom as effective as an in-person meeting when striking a deal?

Monday, 15 Feb
Speaking to Skift, Chia-Jung Tsay's discussed her research involving 1,855 participants across 12 different studies, which highlights how effective video communication can work just as well as face-to-face meetings.

Double Dutch joins forces with GinBuilders to enter the Americas

Friday, 12 Feb
The Double Dutch duo have formed a strategic partnership with GinBuilders, premium brand representation company dedicated to the management of Premium Gin, Genever, and Tonic to launch their brand in the new markets of Latin America, American and Caribbean.
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How the arts can help you craft a successful research career

Wednesday, 10 Feb
Speaking with Nature, Chia-Jung Tsay discussed how her passion for music and skills as an accomplished classic pianist have and continue to influence her work. ethic and patience, essential for any researcher. Tsay believes a passion for music and the hours of practice required to reach a professional performance standard may accustom musicians to hard work and further develop patience, essential skills for researchers.
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EU to rule on Microsoft's $7.5 billion acquisition of US gaming company ZeniMax

Tuesday, 2 Feb
Speaking to National Technology News, Joost Rietveld discussed the EU’s antitrust regulators upcoming rule on Microsoft's $7.5 billion acquisition of US video gaming company ZeniMax - the tech giant’s biggest acquisition to date.
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Blaine Landis discusses 'why work is more than work'

Tuesday, 26 Jan
Dr Blaine Landis has been speaking with ITPro about why work is more than just work to most people.
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How companies can use Messenger R&A and embrace uncertainty when hiring

Monday, 25 Jan
Professor Vaughn Tan spoke to Mimi Nguyen Co-Founder of the FinTech focused Podcast, Searching for Mana. He shared his experience working on product and business innovation projects for Google and now in the luxury culinary sector.
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How enterprises could restore our confidence in digital society with blockchain

Monday, 18 Jan
Speaking to IDG Connect JP Vergne discussed the battle for Blockchain and social media which are competing for the heart of the enterprise and how the outcome of will determine what sort of business culture we create for ourselves in the next five years.

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Is cloud-based learning here to stay? 

Wednesday, 13 Jan
As many studies point to edtech as a catalyst for change in educational processes, Paolo Taticchi speaks to Education Technology about the recent shift to online learning and why he believes universities must build on their learnings from their experience with online learning to build some truly great, accessible programmes for international markets.

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How to build a future world of work we will want

Monday, 11 Jan
What will life be like when Zoom fatigue is a thing of the past and tech actually helps make work easier and our lives better? That's the question Dr James Berry has been discussing with Nicole Kobie in an article for IT Pro.