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5 May 2020

Sabrina Wang: "Why I chose the UCL MBA with Peking University"

The UCL MBA with Peking University brings two world-leading universities together in Beijing, the heart of one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world, and the place where the MBA programme takes place. Students also have the opportunity to complete elective courses in London during the summer months. The UCL MBA with Peking University combines the unique research and teaching strengths of the UCL School of Management and the Peking University National School of Development.

Sabrina Wang shares why she moved from Vienna to Beijing to study the UCL MBA with Peking University. With a background in logistical project management and working as an industrial engineer, for large corporations such as Lufthansa, and then moving on to a start-up her own business, Sabrina’s experience made her the perfect person to study the programme.

What is the programme like?

“I could not wish for more. It gives you two different perspectives, connecting you with different professors form the two universities, with a different way of seeing things, so you get the best out of both universities. It’s actually better than I had expected - it’s really amazing, I had high expectations…We have so many amazing people here and the professors are so broad minded. They inspire me in so many different aspects of my life. I can learn so much from them and also from my classmates.”

How has the programe helped you with your start-up?

“There are many courses that help and encourage you to be independent and build your own start-up. There are also entrepreneurship classes…and you learn about management and leadership. But for me, if you have Peking University behind you, you get the feeling that you can do anything.” 

What’s it like living in Beijing?

“I’m still trying to figure it out. It was quite a big culture shock for me at the beginning, but then I loved it and got into this wave of happiness as I’ve started to figure it out. The good thing for me is that you have a personal achievement every day, because for me as a foreigner it is also difficult to deal with the language in terms of reading and speaking…but every day you improve…I am slowly falling in love with Beijing and let’s see if I am ever going to go back.”

What are your future plans?

My long-term plan is definitely to create a bridge between China and Germany…because I think that with my competitive edge (that I grew up in Austria and worked in Germany) I understand the German market and I am ethnically Chinese. I am trying to better understand the Chinese market, and then I can be the bridge between them, I don’t know yet how and with what project, but that is my long-term plan. 

Interested in finding out more about Sabrina’s expereince on the programme? Check out her full video blog.

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Last updated Thursday, 7 May 2020