UCL School of Management

28 October 2020

Why SEO is so important for new businesses and how to master it

Most of us will have heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) before, but what does it actually mean and why is it so important for new businesses to understand and utilise?

Information Management for Business Alumnus Valentin Klymenko has shared his top tips on SEO for websites, which are especially useful for small or new businesses trying to optimise their website on a budget.

Valentin currently works as a Digital PR and SEO Individual Advisor helping different businesses to develop their online presence. He says understanding SEO has been, and still is, challenging but that it allows him to play a very important role in the customer acquisition and business expansion process. His experience on the IMB programme helped him develop various skills and gave a good understanding of how businesses operate and what role digital marketing plays in their development. Valentin has furthered his knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, which has required him to spend a lot of his personal time learning and practising how to apply these skills, which has eventually paid off.

In his latest blog, Valentin identified key areas including

  • Prepare a list of relevant terms
  • Collect the keywords
  • Clean, structure and group the keywords
  • Create a plan of the pages needed based on the keywords’ groups
  • Start creating SEO friendly content
  • Create and optimise the pages
  • Optimise all the necessary technical SEO aspects
  • Let Google index all the pages
  • Create a blog and backlinks plans
  • Monitor, develop and improve the website’s SEO

Learn more and read the full SEO report.

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Last updated Thursday, 29 October 2020