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Creating Value with Data Analytics


Dates: TBC
Duration: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 18:00 - 21:00
Fees: £4,800

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The Programme

Build your confidence in using analytics and making decisions based on data.

If you’re a mid-level to senior-level manager who interacts with data analytics teams, UCL’s Creating Value with Data Analytics programme is for you.

Data has become inextricably linked to the strategic prospects of organisations. It supports managerial decision-making, complements service offerings, and improves companies’ internal processes. The use of data spans industries and organisations’ size and stage, from start-ups to market-leading incumbents.

But there are often significant gaps in the knowledge of managers and leaders. The purpose of this programme is to fill that gap, by balancing technical underpinnings with an understanding of analytics, how to interpret data, and its limitations.

The impact

This programme will help you better understand analytics outputs, manage or interact with data teams effectively and make decisions based on data outputs. You’ll also learn to present material in ways that managers will understand, aiding problem-solving and raising your profile in your organisation.

There are several ‘big picture’ takeaways that marry traditional analytics with managerial thinking and decision-making. These include:

  • constructs versus measures
  • counterfactual thinking
  • correlation and causation
  • experimental thinking
  • data limitations
  • data bias

Programme outline

The programme is broken into three core blocks: The Foundations, Data Methods, and Data and the Enterprise.


1. Data structure and summarisation
How can you leverage data within your organisation? Using summary statistics and data visualisation to help you understand data.

2. Statistical foundations

How can the job of a manager be translated into the language of probability and statistics?

Data Methods

3. Regression

How to better understand relationships among different variables in your data.

4. Machine learning

How can you make better  predictions? Organising different observations into groups or clusters.

5. Experiments

How can you assess whether our decisions cause the desired outcome?

6. Network analytics

How to use networks to understand the organisation.

Data and the Enterprise

7. Data-based business models

What are the economic characteristics of data and how could it be used to create and capture value for the organisation?

8. Data ethics

What guiding principles will the organisation and its manager adopt in employing data?

Your learning environment

You will learn in-person on the highest classroom in Europe on Level 50 of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London. You will be taught by academics from the UCL School of Management, the business school of University College London, one of the world’s leading universities. Your peers will be a diverse group of mid-senior level executives from a range of industries, bringing a wealth of different experiences.

UCL’s progressive approach means you’ll learn tried-and-tested methods of data analysis, while also having the freedom to challenge and think differently about how to apply these methods in your own organisation..

Our Faculty

In the latest Research Excellence Framework, 95% of the UCL School of Management’s research was considered world-leading and internationally excellent. Choosing the UCL Executive Negotiations Programme gives you access to world-leading academics who combine their unique research with real-world practical solutions.

Dr Anil Doshi

Anil is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the UCL School of Management. Prior to receiving his doctorate at Harvard Business School, Anil worked in strategy and finance roles at start-ups and financial services firms.

His academic research has included the management of digital platforms; and how firms manage social media amid the diminishment in the distance between the firm’s boundaries and outside stakeholders.


Who should apply?

This programme is suitable for mid-senior level managers working at organisations in any industry.

No prior technical knowledge is required, and any mathematics covered in the programme will act as a guidepost if you are interested to learn more.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements to our executive education programmes, however, typically our applicants will have:

  • a minimum of five years' work experience
  • a bachelor's degree or higher
  • a good level of English (an English language test is not required for this programme, however, the programme is taught entirely in English without translation, and so you should be comfortable communicating in English.)

How can you apply?

You can apply to the programme by completing our application form which shouldn't take you more than five minutes to complete.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Executive Education Team who will be in touch to discuss your place on the programme and to arrange payment. 



Standard fees for this four-day programme are £4,800. 

For more information on what the programme fee covers, or to discuss your fees, please speak to our Executive Education Team.


Payment for your place on the programme should be made using a credit/debit card on the UCL Store. You will receive an access code for the UCL Store from the Executive Education Team once your place in the programme is confirmed.

If you would prefer to pay by invoice, please discuss this with the team.

30% Club scholarship

As part of our school-wide dedication to equality, diversity and inclusion, the UCL School of Management is offering two 30% Club scholarship places each year on our executive programmes.

For this programme, a scholarship covering the entire programme fee will be awarded to one eligible individual. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you should select the checkbox “I am applying for the 30% Club Scholarship” during your application.

Learn more about the 30% Club scholarship.

Are corporate partner rates/alumni discounts applicable?

Yes, we do offer discounts for alumni and for some corporate partners. Please contact our Executive Education team to discuss your eligibility mgmt.execed@ucl.ac.uk

Why choose us

As a programme attendee, you’ll benefit from a personalised approach that champions innovation, creativity and cross-disciplinary working.

The UCL School of Management, based in Canary Wharf, London, was recently ranked in the top five of UK business schools by The Guardian, and UCL is consistently ranked in the global top 20 for its academic excellence and research. You’ll be learning from a university that combines cutting-edge thinking with a disruptive spirit, helping you to develop the skills that will allow you to fulfil your potential and achieve real results for your organisation.

What our students say

  • What I've learned has been really useful in my everyday work as a senior manager of an international marine insurance company. I am now in a much better position to appreciate the work done and the challenges faced by our data analysts and engage in productive discussions as to the effective use of the vast amounts of data available to us, helping me to interpret the findings correctly and making well-informed decisions. Without doubt, in today’s data driven business world, knowledge of data analytics is essential for any professional and I would highly recommend any course on the subject that is taught by Anil Doshi. Themis Ploumidakis, Senior Manager at Gard (Greece) Ltd.
  • Data analytics was an important programme for me as reporting in data is such a bit part of my career and my day-to-day life, but is becoming more and more important every single day. Since taking the programme I now think about things with a data mindset. When given reports or information, I can actually envision analytics behind the numbers. I can also communicate better with our data teams because I understand the structure of the data, so I feel like I am speaking their language. I highly recommend taking this programme as the benefits have not only impacted my work, but my day-to-day life as well. Wendy Kent​, Operations Director in the Beauty industry

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What day and time do classes take place?
Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for four weeks, starting on 06 June and ending on 28 June 2023. Classes start at 18:00 and finish at 21:00.
What happens if I know I am going to miss a class?
We understand that life happens and you may have to miss a class. If this situation arises, please contact the Executive Education Team to let them know you won't be in attendance. In order to obtain the certificate of completion, you are required to attend a minimum of 75% of all sessions.
Will there be pre-work or homework?
Yes, there will be some pre-work and homework. We know that our participants are busy people, so we try to keep this as reasonable as possible. But, please be prepared to put in some work outside of the classroom in order to get the most from this programme.
Is there an English language requirement?
An English language test is not required for this programme, however, the programme is taught entirely in English without translation, and so you should be comfortable communicating in English.
Are there discounts for alumni?
Yes, UCL and UCL School of Management Alumni are able to access discounted fees. Please contact our Executive Education Team to discuss your fees.
Do I have to pay in advance, or are there payment plans?
All fees must be paid in full at least 10 working days prior to the start of the programme.
How can I pay for my programme?
You should pay for your programme via credit/debit card in the UCL Store, using the access code given to you by the Executive Education Team. If you would prefer to pay by invoice this can be arranged. Please speak to the team to discuss.

Last updated Thursday, 10 August 2023