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The Future of Work: Leading with Inspiration and Purpose


Start date: 18-21 December 2023
Duration: Four days
Fees: £4,100

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The Programme

How will you lead in a radically different future? Plan now to attract the right talent, build highly adaptive workforces and get ahead of the game.

We are on the verge of a seismic shift in the world of work. The employer-employee social contract, career progression, and the nature of capitalism itself are changing before our eyes in ways at least as significant as the early days of the Industrial Revolution. 

But it’s possible to plan for these changes in human capital, talent development and management. One way is to gain a profound insight into the youngest generations in the workforce. In this programme, you’ll explore how you can lead for the future with inspiration and purpose, starting with you individually, then your team, and then your organisation. 

The impact

Learn practical ways in which you can adapt your leadership style to suit a changing world of work. By the end of the programme, you will:

  • Be able to articulate your purpose and know how to lead your team in a purpose-driven manner
  • Understand the different paradigms of work, careers and leadership in a multi-generational workforce
  • Be able to effectively lead employees who have different backgrounds, priorities and ambitions
  • Know how to build high-performance teams and enhance engagement and retention
  • Make an action plan on how to get in front of the shifts in human capital, talent development and management

Programme outline

Over four interactive days, you’ll attend sessions to help you clarify your purpose, understand organisational shifts and manage the workforce of the future, with a mixture of learning from your tutor and practical workshops with your peers.

Day 1: Self
Knowing our purpose – and enacting it – is critical to our own engagement and that of our teams. On this first day, you’ll learn systematic ways to pin down your purpose, and how to communicate that purpose to your teams.

  • How to articulate your purpose and lead that process for others
  • Workshop: find personal, powerful and unique answers to the questions: Who are you?  Where are you going? Why do you do what you do?

Day 2: Teams and Talent 

There are more generations in the workforce than ever before. It can be difficult to manage them all and we risk losing their loyalty and engagement. For instance, young top talent is much more likely to change employers frequently, so how can we do a better job at keeping them? We will look at:

  • Generations in the workforce and their signature paradigms
  • Millennials’ typical attitudes toward work, loyalty, development and leadership
  • How better to manage younger generations: the dos, don’ts and intangibles
  • Work-life balance and how Covid has changed mindsets
  • Opportunities to encourage reverse mentoring
  • Challenges and opportunities

Day 3: Organisation

By now, you’ll have a clearer idea of what the future of work will look like for your sector and organisation. On this final day, we’ll discuss:

  • As younger generations progress in their career and assume more senior positions, how will our organisations be led differently?
  • Why we aren’t thinking correctly about the trade-offs
  • Action planning and earning collective commitment

Throughout the programme, you’ll be encouraged to capture your reflections and actions in a workbook. This will help you consider how you’ll lead for the future, how to engage and inspire your teams, and how your organisation might think differently in terms of its culture, priorities and tactics to attract top talent.

Day 4: Organisation

We will assess our current organisational cultures against four archetypes and action plan the behavioural shifts your company requires to achieve the culture you need, given your current context.


  • Expand on the impact leaders can make on their organisations by leveraging and transforming culture
  • Apply a sociological lens on culture – as shared behaviours and specifically the dynamics of sociability and solidarity
  • Given those two dynamics, consider 4 cultural archetypes of organisations and determine which one you currently work in
  • Decide what culture you need to be for your current context. If change is required, what are the (no more than) two behaviours you can change, and gain buy-in and accountability from other leaders, and role model

Throughout the programme, you’ll be encouraged to capture your reflections and actions in a workbook. This will help you consider how you’ll lead for the future, how to engage and inspire your teams, and how your organisation might think differently in terms of its culture, priorities and tactics to attract top talent.

Your learning environment

You will learn in-person on Level 50 of One Canada Square, the highest floor of Canary Wharf, taught by academics from the UCL School of Management, the business school of University College London, one of the world’s leading universities. Your fellow course attendees will be team leaders from a range of industries, bringing a wealth of different experiences.

UCL’s strong emphasis on research and progressive approach to teaching means your course will be a dynamic exploration of how to future-proof your career and team. By the end of the course, you will better understand the changing needs of the workforce and feel empowered to attract and retain the people who will drive your organisation forwards.

Our Faculty

In the latest Research Excellence Framework, 95% of the UCL School of Management’s research was considered world-leading and internationally excellent. Choosing UCL's The Future of Work: Leading with Inspiration and Purpose programme gives you access to world-leading academics who combine their unique research with real-world practical solutions.

Adam Kingl

Adam Kingl is an Adjunct Lecturer in the UCL School of Management’s Strategy & Entrepreneurship group. He is an expert on the future of business; his books are Next Generation Leadership in 2020 and Sparking Success in 2023. Adam thinks deeply and practically about how companies can innovate in order to be prepared for the fundamental paradigm shifts they will face.

Adam was previously the Executive Director of Thought Leadership at London Business School. He was also an Associate of the Management Lab and Saatchi & Saatchi. Adam has spoken at conferences around the world and has been interviewed by publications including the Financial Times and Forbes. A dual British-American citizen, he holds degrees from London Business School, UCLA and Yale.

Jean-Philippe Vergne

JP Vergne examines the evolution of capitalist societies since the early 17th century. In particular, he explores how socially contested organizations affect the renewal of industries at the vanguard of the economy.

His award-winning research on piracy, on the global arms industry around 9/11, and on the rise of blockchain-powered organizations has been published in leading academic journals as well as in two books. His findings have been featured in such media outlets as the Financial Times, The Globe & Mail, The Economist, Bloomberg, CBC Radio and TV, Forbes, as well as in various cryptocurrency news sources.

This programme also features a session with Julieanne Gilbert, Executive Director of HR at CityLit.


Who should apply?

This programme is suitable for team leaders, HR professionals and anyone managing others or aspiring to do so. There are no limitations on your position, just an interest in the changing landscape of work and a desire to lead effectively to boost your success and that of your organisation.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements to our executive education programmes, however, typically our applicants will have:

  • a minimum of five years' work experience
  • a bachelor's degree or higher
  • a good level of English (an English language test is not required for this programme, however, the programme is taught entirely in English without translation, and so you should be comfortable communicating in English.)

How can you apply?

You can apply to the programme by completing our application form which shouldn't take you more than five minutes to complete.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Executive Education Team who will be in touch to discuss your place on the programme and to arrange payment. 



Fees for this four-day programme are £4,100.

For more information on what the programme fee covers, or to discuss your fees, please speak to our Executive Education Team.


Payment for your place on the programme should be made using a credit/debit card on the UCL Store. You will receive an access code for the UCL Store from the Executive Education Team once your place in the programme is confirmed.

If you would prefer to pay by invoice, please discuss this with the team.

30% Club scholarship

As part of our school-wide dedication to equality, diversity and inclusion, the UCL School of Management is offering two 30% Club scholarship places each year on our executive programmes.

For this programme, a scholarship covering the entire programme fee will be awarded to one eligible individual. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you should select the checkbox “I am applying for the 30% Club Scholarship” during your application.

Learn more about the 30% Club scholarship.

Are corporate partner rates/alumni discounts applicable?

Yes, we do offer discounts for alumni and for some corporate partners. Please contact our Executive Education team to discuss your eligibility mgmt.execed@ucl.ac.uk

Why choose us

As a programme attendee, you’ll benefit from a personalised approach that champions innovation, creativity and cross-disciplinary working.

The UCL School of Management, based in Canary Wharf, London, was recently ranked in the top five of UK business schools by The Guardian, and UCL is consistently ranked in the global top 20 for its academic excellence and research. You’ll be learning from a university that combines cutting-edge thinking with a disruptive spirit, helping you to develop the skills that will allow you to fulfil your potential and achieve real results for your organisation.

Video library

Madiha Latif, Managing Director at Zuria Dor, tells us how networking on her programme helped her to open her mind to new possibilities and collaborations..

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What day and time do classes take place?
This programme will run over four days from 18-21 December 2023. All classes will take place between 09:00 and 18:00.
What happens if I know I am going to miss a class?
We understand that life happens and you may have to miss a class. If this situation arises, please contact the Executive Education Team to let them know you won't be in attendance. In order to obtain the certificate of completion, you are required to attend a minimum of 75% of all sessions.
Will there be pre-work or homework?
Yes, there will be some pre-work and homework. We know that our participants are busy people, so we try to keep this as reasonable as possible. But, please be prepared to put in some work outside of the classroom in order to get the most from this programme.
Is there an English language requirement?

An English language test is not required for this programme, however, the programme is taught entirely in English without translation, and so you should be comfortable communicating in English.

Are there discounts for alumni?
Yes, UCL and UCL School of Management Alumni are able to access discounted fees. Please contact our Executive Education Team to discuss your fees.
Do I have to pay in advance, or are there payment plans?
All fees must be paid prior to the start of the programme. Please speak to our team to discuss your individual circumstances.
How can I pay for my programme?
You should pay for your programme via credit/debit card in the UCL Store, using the access code given to you by the Executive Education Team. If you would prefer to pay by invoice this can be arranged. Please speak to the team to discuss your individual circumstances.

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