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UCL School of Management 2021 Highlights

Friday, 17 Dec
We are looking back at The School of Management’s talented staff, students and alumni’s biggest achievements from 2021. Our students and faculty have achieved many outstanding things this year, so we had lots to choose from.

SoM 2021 student highlights

Thursday, 16 Dec
We are looking back at The School of Management’s talented students and alumni’s biggest achievements from 2021. It was difficult to narrow it down to just five as the brilliant and talented SoM community have accomplished many excellent things this year.

Alan Parkinson speaks the SNAI 2021 Management Accounting Forum

Wednesday, 8 Dec
For the second year running, Alan Parkinson, in collaboration with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) was invited as a Key Note Speaker at a gathering of the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI) to discuss low-carbon development within the green mission of management.
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Is hybrid working here to stay in 2022?

Tuesday, 7 Dec
Speaking with Wired, Jim Berry shares his thought on what the working environment will look like in 2022 and the best ways to manage hybrid working across teams.

When Freemium Succeeds

Tuesday, 30 Nov
Writing for The Strategic Management Society, Joost Rietveld shares his latest research with co-author Joe Ploog: "On Top of The Game? The Double-Edged Sword of Incorporating Social Features into Freemium Products". The paper examines the freemium vs paid models and why even though some of the most popular digital products originated from a freemium model, there are only a small group of freemium superstars.

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Veins and wires: reflections on urbantech transformation

Monday, 29 Nov
What kind of urban environment would you like to live in? In their latest article in The European Business Review, UCL SoM’s Dr Rikke Duus and her co-authors, Dr Mike Cooray from Hult International Business School (Ashridge) and Marius Sylvestersen from University of Copenhagen, critically reflect on how digital technologies are accelerating and changing the nature of urban spaces.

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Making digital transformation sustainable

Thursday, 18 Nov
Digital transformation is essential to remain competitive and relevant in today’s fast-paced business environment, but do the digital technologies required impact climate change? Speaking with Raconteur, Paolo Taticchi shares his insights from a recent consulting project with pharmaceutical company, Consilient Health.

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What is the metaverse and will the tech giants continue to dominate?

Tuesday, 16 Nov
With Facebook’s recent announcement of its rebrand to Meta and new strategy and to become the Metaverse of the future, many are asking what is the metaverse and who will lead the way in this new reality? Speaking with Sifted, Jean Philippe Vergne explains why a similar decentralised system to what we see in the cryptocurrency world could be the answer.

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What did the visual cues in Mark Zuckerberg’s speech to unveil Meta mean?

Thursday, 4 Nov
In his recent speech to unveil Facebook's new name, Meta and its vision to become the leading metaverse, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s was critiqued by the masses. Cited in Fortune, Chia Jung-Tsay’s research into visual cues and pitching explains the consequences of Zuckerberg’s prominent role in the spotlight for the newly born Meta.

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UCL SoM represented at the CBC 2021 Blockchain Conference

Friday, 29 Oct
Bringing together the key players in blockchain and DLT (distribute ledger technologies), the CBC 2021 Blockchain conference is a peer-reviewed, online conference hosted by the Construction Blockchain Consortium. During the three-day event, UCL School of Management’s Niall Roche and Alastair Moore presented their work and chaired panel discussions on Smart Legal Contracts.

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Davide Ravasi on navigating the future through education

Thursday, 28 Oct
Writing for the Economist Education, School Director Davide Ravasi explains how the key to successfully navigating times of uncertainty in business is through education.

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Why taking sick days is important to recover and will improve productivity

Wednesday, 27 Oct
Studies indicate that few people, especially in the UK, are taking sick days and are opting to use annual leave to recover or work whilst ill. Speaking with Wired, Blaine Landis explains that the most common reason for this is pressure and the feeling of the work piling up.
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Does age dictate the timeline of success?

Tuesday, 19 Oct
The term “late bloomers” is often used to describe someone who accomplishes a milestone outside of the culturally prescribed timeframe, but recent studies indicate this timeline of success is outdated, arbitrary and culturally subscribed. In a recent BBC article, Chia-Jung Tsay explains how “late-bloomers” more often than not develop a unique set of skills to make them more agile to adapt to change and uncertainty.


UCL SoM launches its first-ever podcast, Mind Shift

Friday, 8 Oct
We are delighted to announce the launch of UCL School of Management's first podcast series, Mind Shift. In each episode, we'll look through the lens of research produced at the school to get an insight into the rapidly shifting world of business today.


Rikke Duus on innovations in online learning at the CABS 2021

Wednesday, 6 Oct
Speaking at the CABS (Chartered Association of Business Schools) Learning, Teaching & Student Experience conference, Dr Rikke Duus shared her experience on digital learning with colleagues from across the globe.


UCL rises to 3rd in UK Rankings for Business, Management and Marketing

Thursday, 30 Sep
UCL has risen to 3rd place in the 2022 Guardian UK Rankings for Business, Management and Marketing

Arturo Estrada Rodriguez’s joint paper is a finalist for two INFORMS arwards

Thursday, 30 Sep
Congratulations to Arturo Estrada Rodriguez, Rouba Ibrahim and Dongyuan Zhan on their paper being shortlisted as a finalist for two awards at the INFORMS conference for the Behavioral Operations Management Best Working Paper award and the IBM Best Student Paper award.


UCL rises to 3rd in UK Rankings for Business, Management and Marketing

Monday, 27 Sep
UCL has risen to 3rd place in the 2022 Guardian UK Rankings for Business, Management and Marketing
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Does group discussion improve decisions?

Friday, 17 Sep
Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Joshua Becker discusses the pros and cons of collective intelligence in decision making. Joshua and his co-author's recent research reveals a paradox, that while deliberation can increase the accuracy of forecasting and other quantitative estimates, it can decrease the accuracy of the final decisions.


Which do gamers prefer, freemium or paid games?

Friday, 10 Sep
A study by Joost Rietveld examining the video games market, indicates that a good business model can capture value and improve how consumers perceive an organisation’s products and better enable heterogeneous consumers to act on their willingness-to-pay.

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Crowdfunding research featured in the Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, 7 Sep
A study by UCL’s Sidika Candogan, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Korpeoglu and their co-authors proves the key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is striking the right balance between a partially developed but not too complete product.


UCL School of Management earns AMBA accreditation

Monday, 6 Sep
UCL School of Management has confirmed itself in the top 2% of Business Schools globally after receiving AMBA accreditation.
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Is there any value to unsolicited advice?

Tuesday, 31 Aug
Writing for the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Blaine Landis and Colin Fisher analyse the common disregard for unsolicited advice in the workplace and how valuable information can go to waste, even when it comes from our friends and close contacts.

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The visual power of energy, expression and gesture

Thursday, 26 Aug
Stage presence is everything. Speaking to Harvard Business review Chia-Jung Tsay explains how her recent research on entrepreneurial pitch competitions demonstrates the power of visual cues and for securing VC funds.

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Could a company-wide break help prevent burnout?

Wednesday, 25 Aug
The past 18 months have been challenging for everyone, with companies rapidly adapting to the new remote working. This has dramatically impacted the work-life balance with many employees are working longer hours and experiencing burnout. Talking to Wired, Blaine Landis discusses the benefits of a company-wide shutdown to allow employees time to reset and avoid burnout.

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Organisations must rethink their approach to dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Tuesday, 24 Aug
Conquering Imposter Syndrome has long been down to the individual, but writing for The HR Director, Sunny Lee explains why this approach won’t work and the need for organisations to take a more proactive approach in shifting company culture to truly beat the syndrome.


Sidika Tunc Candogan named INFORMS TIMES Best Working Paper Award 2021 finalist

Friday, 20 Aug
For the second year in a row, PhD student Sidika Tunc Candogan and her co-authors have been named as finalists in the INFORMS TIMES Best Working Paper Award.
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Paolo Taticchi appointed to support new Italian ministry’s ecological transition

Wednesday, 18 Aug
Professor Paolo Taticchi has been appointed as one of the Scientific Committee members for the Committee for the Bio-Economy and Sustainable Taxation for the Ministry for the Environment in Italy.

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Encouraging acceptance over assimilation for international students

Friday, 13 Aug
Studying or working abroad is an enriching experience that develops knowledge, capabilities and cultural awareness for individuals and the organisational culture, but how can we encourage acceptance over assimilation for international students and workers? Writing for Business Graduates Association, Felix Danbold discusses the challenges international students and workers face, and the pressure to assimilate and conform to the majority group norms.

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Managing Imposter Syndrome requires a group effort

Friday, 30 Jul
Is Imposter Syndrome really something that only certain individuals suffer from and must handle on their own? Maybe not. Speaking with Ignites Europe, Sunny Lee discussed how she thinks organisations should tackle Imposter Syndrome as a collective.

The 2021 National Student Survey results are in

Monday, 26 Jul
The 2021 National Student Survey (NSS) results are in! In a year full of challenges across the globe as the world transitioned to a new way of working and learning during the pandemic, we have received an average student satisfaction result of 85% across our BSc/MSci Management Science and BSc Information Management for Business programmes.
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Racing towards a sustainable future

Thursday, 22 Jul
Sustainability and motorsport, are not usually two words you would combine, but the race is officially on for a sustainable future of motorsport circuits. Contributing to a new study, Paolo Taticchi has helped produce The Sustainability Circuits Index, a new methodology to rank the sustainability of international motorsport circuits.

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Driving efficiency gains starts with frontline employee innovation

Wednesday, 21 Jul
As companies seek to drive returns and increase efficiency, new technologies are the sought-after fix. While these can be effective, it can take years to implement and cost millions of pounds, making it inaccessible for most manufacturers. Speaking with The Manufacturer, Bilal Gokpinar explains how his latest research proves the value of frontline employee innovation to increase efficiency within just months.
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Managing the rise of cryptocurrencies in business school's curriculum

Thursday, 15 Jul
Can business schools really escape including cryptocurrency and blockchain in their curriculums? Speaking with Maclean’s, Associate Professor Jean-Philippe Vergne shares why he believes blockchain will become part of core business education for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


UCL School of Management rises to third in UK rankings

Sunday, 11 Jul
UCL School of Management has risen to 3rd place in the 2022 Complete University Guide UK Rankings for Business and Management.
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Double Dutch’s Indian tonic water named best mixer by the Independent

Thursday, 8 Jul
Award-winning premium drinks company Double Dutch's Indian tonic water has been named best overall tonic water by the Independent! Founders and School of Management alumnae have reinvented the wheel with their unique flavours and passion for creating the perfect mixer!

UCL School of Management Appoints Professor Davide Ravasi As New Director

Wednesday, 7 Jul
UCL’s School of Management is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Director, Professor Davide Ravasi. Currently the School’s Head of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, he will take on leadership of the School in July 2021.
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EDI initiatives must address identity threats for majority and minority groups

Monday, 5 Jul
A diverse workforce benefits both individuals and organisations and can lead to increased profitability, innovation and reduce societal inequality. However speaking with Business Graduate Association, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) experts, Clarissa Cortland and Felix Danbold explain that for EDI policies to be truly effective and embedded in an organisations’ culture, leaders must consider the identity threats concerning both minority and majority groups in the workplace.

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When do we really need to Zoom?

Monday, 28 Jun
Speaking with Wired Chia-Jung Tsay explains why video calls can be important for visual cues and relationship building for new employees.

Guinea Mobile's Victor Rokkedal Dyrne's discusses launching an MVNO in Peru

Friday, 25 Jun
We recently caught up with Victor Rokkedal Dyrnes, Founder and CMO of Guinea Mobile and MSc Entrepreneurship Alumnus, to learn more about how he has overcome the challenges of the pandemic to lead Guinea Mobile to become one of the key players of Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the Peruvian market.


The story of SME Groboco Foodworks: the mother and son startup

Thursday, 24 Jun
This Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Day, MSc Entrepreneurship alumnus Siddharth Shah and founder of Groboco Foodworks tells us what inspired him to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, how the pandemic has disrupted his business model and he shares his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Crowdfunding campaigns with less-developed products can avoid feature fatigue

Thursday, 24 Jun
A working paper by UCL School of Management’s Sidika Tunç Candoğan, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Körpeoğlu and their co-authors examining the benefits of crowdfunding on product development and the level of development required before launching a successful crowdfunding campaign is featured in The UCLA Anderson Review.

Chia-Jung Tsay is elected Executive Committee Member for MOC Division

Wednesday, 16 Jun
Chia-Jung Tsay is elected as one of the newest members of the Executive Committee of the Managerial Organisational Cognition (MOC) Division of the Academy of Management, which connects scholars with a research interest in management and organisation and seeks to advance the impact of management and organisational science on business and society worldwide.

Dr Rikke Duus receives UCL Provost Education Award

Tuesday, 15 Jun
Congratulations to Dr Rikke Duus for winning the UCL 2021 Education Award for the ‘Outstanding Response to Teaching during a Pandemic’.

Sonal Gupta wins UCL Academic Representative of the Year

Tuesday, 8 Jun
MSc Entrepreneurship student Sonal Gupta has won the Academic Representative of the Year award within the UCL Faculty of Engineering.
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How the UCL MBA helped me launch my own business

Friday, 4 Jun
Speaking with QS TopMBA, UCL MBA student and Founder and CEO of Be-kin design agency Wren Loucks discussed her experience studying the UCL MBA and why she believes its flexible format has been invaluable in her success in building her own business.


A paper by SoM's Sidika & Ersin is selected as INFORMS Times Paper of the Month

Thursday, 3 Jun
Congratulations to UCL School of Management’s Sidika Tunc Candogan and Ersin Korpeoglu and their co-author Gizem Korpeoglu from Eindhoven University of Technology for their paper being selected as the INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section (TIMES) Paper of the Month.
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Colin Fisher blogs on what is 'group-think' and how can we avoid it

Friday, 28 May
As Dominic Cummings accuses the UK Government of ‘group-think’ over Covid-19, Dr Colin Fisher writes for The Conversation to explain what the term actually means, as well as how we can avoid it.

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Jim Berry discusses the benefits of an MBA with Tech Round

Thursday, 27 May
Is the expense and time commitment of studying for an MBA really worth it when you are already on a successful career path, have obtained a degree or even a post-graduate degree? Speaking with Tech Round Jim Berry explains the benefits of studying an MBA and why now more than ever businesses need leaders with the varied skillset the MBA brings.


Icarus Business Simulation Competition

Wednesday, 26 May
Last month we saw the Icarus Business Simulation Competition back for the second year running. Icarus is a simulation tool developed by UCL School of Management academics Lynsie Chew, MSc Professional Accountancy Programme Director, and Alan Parkinson, Deputy Director of Education.


NSD win at the Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Challenge

Friday, 21 May
The Peking University National School of Development MBA team has taken home a number of prizes at the 10th Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Challenge.
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Recharge, refresh, restart: How to protect yourself from burnout

Wednesday, 19 May
Dr Alan Parkinson, Deputy Director, Professor, and head of the Finance, Accounting and Economics teaching team, has been talking to Financial Accountant about how to protect yourself from burnout and build mental and physical stamina for the road ahead.

UCL School of Management to open Level 50, One Canada Square

Tuesday, 18 May
UCL School of Management has expanded its footprint in Canary Wharf after acquiring Level 50 of One Canada Square.

UCL School of Management expands and acquires Level 50 at Canary Wharf

Monday, 17 May
UCL School of Management grows to occupy level 38 & level 50 of One Canada Square and added 12 additional academics in 2020.

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Does the office environment drive a business's success?

Thursday, 13 May
While restrictions ease and the vaccination rollout continues to gain traction, business leaders must now decide whether to return to the office, continue remote working or implement a hybrid model. Writing for Real Leaders, Jim Berry explains why he believes businesses leaders should consider a move back to working in a physical office environment and its proven positive impact on a business's success.


How developed should a product be before launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Tuesday, 11 May
Featured in the Financial Times Business School Briefing, a working paper by UCL SoM’s Sidika Tunç Candoğan, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Körpeoğlu and their co-authors explores the non-financial benefits of crowdfunding and its ability to facilitate product development.

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Is skilled craftsmanship the key to mass unemployment?

Monday, 10 May
Craftsmanship requires a distinct skillset and relies on human judgement and creativity, which cannot be replicated on a mass, automated scale. Cited in The Economist, a recent study by five leading academics, including UCL School of Management's Davide Ravasi, examines the discipline of the crafts as a way of remaking the organisation of work.

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The power of crowdfunding for new product development

Friday, 7 May
Traditionally used as a tool to raise funds for startups and entrepreneurs, Bilal Gokpinar explains to Angel News how his recent study with co-author Philipp Cornelius from the Rotterdam School of Management shows that crowdfunding is, in fact, a powerful tool to engage customers and assist in new product development.

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Felix Danbold discusses why black inclusion at senior levels stalls at 4%

Thursday, 6 May
In most sectors across the US, diversity within leadership roles is consistently low averaging at just 4%. The lack of diversity in leadership is just one of the reasons organisations are not truly tackling systemic racism. Speaking with Democracy Journal, Felix Danbold explains why leadership prototypes prevent a truly diverse and inclusive environment and fuel the 4% problem.

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Embedding sustainability into corporate strategy improves financial performance

Wednesday, 5 May
Sustainable business leadership is no longer a ‘nice to have'; it has become a necessity for organisations to remain competitive. Speaking to Sport and Sustainability International, Paolo Taticchi discussed how business leaders can best approach developing a sustainable business plan and the proven financial benefits.

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Chia-Jung Tsay named Poets&Quant's Best 40-Under-40 Business School Professors

Tuesday, 4 May
We are delighted to announce that Professor Chia-Jung Tsay has been named one of the World's Best 40-Under-40 Best Business School Professors by Poets&Quants. Having received 86 nominations, Chia was one of the most nominated professors this year and in any previous year.
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The effect of failure on performance in healthcare teams

Friday, 30 Apr
The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted industries globally, with front-line healthcare workers having been one of the hardest hit. Featured in Forbes, a study by Bilal Gokpinar and his co-authors which investigated the negative impact of patient deaths on healthcare teams demonstrates ways leaders can reduce the short-term effects of failure.

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The importance of digital skills for leaders in financial management

Wednesday, 28 Apr
Speaking to Raconteur, Alan Parkinson discusses the effects of digital disruption and emerging technologies on leaders in financial management.

Exploring the ethical implications of AI

Tuesday, 27 Apr
UCL School of Management’s module students studying ‘the ethics of artificial intelligence’ module share their thoughts on the varying ethical implications of AI in different industries in 10 minute podcasts.

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Transforming decision-making processes to maximise efficiency

Friday, 23 Apr
The global pandemic has forced business leaders to rapidly make decisions, which can have a big impact on the organisation. The importance for HR managers and business leaders to make the right decision and ensure everyone’s voice is heard in such unchartered territory is paramount. Speaking to People Management, Joshua Becker shared his five top tips for HR and business managers to transform and optimise their decision-making processes.


Founders of The UCL MBA Circle team secure funding from UCL ChangeMakers

Thursday, 22 Apr
Lecturer (Education) Lorenzo Todorow and UCL MBA students Ajibola Omokanye (Jib) and Wren Loucks have successfully secured funding from the UCL ChangeMakers Awards for their fantastic initiative, The UCL MBA Circle.

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Why first impressions and visual cues count during entrepreneurial pitches

Tuesday, 20 Apr
We all know how important it is to give a good first impression, but how much can this influence investors decisions during entrepreneurial pitches? Writing for Angel News, Dr Chia Jung-Tsay explains why dynamic visual cues are such an important aspect when delivering an entrepreneurial pitch to secure funding.


Dr Magda Hercheui and Dr Rikke Duus are shortlisted for the UCL Education Awards

Friday, 16 Apr
The UCL 2021 Education Awards shortlist has been announced and we are delighted to share that this year two members of the UCL School of Management faculty, Dr Magda Hercheui and Dr Rikke Duus have been shortlisted for the ‘outstanding response to teaching and/or support during a pandemic’ award.

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Jim Berry shares his top 5 strategic growth options for 2021

Thursday, 15 Apr
A year like no other, 2020 certainly left its mark, both good and bad, on business around the world. While some thrived, others didn’t survive. Jim Berry shared his top five strategic growth options for 2021 with Tech Round.

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Temporary front-line employee relocations boost creativity

Wednesday, 14 Apr
Bilal Gokpinar speaks to Forbes to discuss the benefits of moving employees around the business, particularly on the front line, to boost creativity and organisational innovation.
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Felix Danbold argues the need to go further than the Sewell Report

Monday, 12 Apr
Speaking with People Management, UCL School of Management’s Assistant Professor Felix Danbold shared his thoughts on the report's findings considering his research surrounding intersectional diversity, social identity, and change in society and organisations.


How grocery co-ops fit into the competitive landscape

Monday, 29 Mar
Do for-profit supermarket chains tolerate higher-priced co-ops? A new working paper by UCL School of Management's Ersin Körpeoğlu and his co-authors uses a competition model to consider co-ops’ place in the competitive grocery landscape.

Crowdfunding Can Deliver More Than Just Money

Friday, 26 Mar
Bilal Gokpinar has been explaining to the Harvard Business Review why crowdfunding, primarily known as a way for businesses to generate funds to launch products or services, offers so much more than just fundraising.
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COVID-19 causes a surge in demand for online MBAs

Monday, 22 Mar
Paolo Taticchi spoke to the Financial Times to discuss The UCL MBA's online classroom-based model, and why UCL School of Management decided to capitalise on the opportunity to enter the online realm of online learning in 2019 with its unique and flexible structure.

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Optimising decision-making processes in business

Thursday, 18 Mar
Speaking to HR Magazine, UCL School of Management’s Joshua Becker’s shared insights from his extensive experience as a researcher and practitioner in decision making and group facilitation to explain why decision-makers don’t need to be line heroes, they should rely on their teams.
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How to successfully implement a modern corporate sustainability strategy

Wednesday, 17 Mar
Speaking on the ESG (Environmental, Sustainable and Corporate Governance) Out Loud podcast, sustainability expert Paolo Taticchi discussed his latest book and why he believes organisations must embed sustainability into their strategy to make it a success and the advantages it can have both financially and competitively.

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Retailers must move on from crisis mode and start strategic growth planning

Thursday, 11 Mar
Jim Berry sat down with Talk Retail to discuss the need for retailers to make the shift from crisis mode to strategic growth planning. Many retail businesses adapted to the lockdowns and empty high streets and pivoted their business plan to offer online shopping, but a key element of strategic growth planning will be to maintain and creatively integrate this channel with any physical enterprise.

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Why business schools must weave sustainability into the curriculum

Tuesday, 9 Mar
Speaking with Business Green, Paolo Taticchi discussed the importance of incorporating sustainability into education, particularly MBA programmes, to equip future business leaders to effectively promote sustainability on a par to the pursuit of company profits, and why he believes this should be a key concern for all business schools.

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Investing in children’s education can have the biggest return

Monday, 8 Mar
Listed in 2018 Poets & Quants as one of the best 40 business professors under 40 and now one of the most successful and influential Italians in the world, Paolo Taticchi spoke to Italian Newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore about his path to success and why he believes, from first-hand experience, investing in children’s education can have the biggest return.


#ChooseToChallenge – International Women’s Day at UCL School of Management

Monday, 8 Mar
This International Women’s Day we hear from UCL School of Management’s Director Bert De Reyck as he discusses how as a School, we are raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.
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How should employers support people working from home

Tuesday, 2 Mar
Talking to IT Pro, Jim Berry explains that there is a responsibility for managers to be more strategic in their approach and find ways to recreate random interactions when people are working solo at home and promote a virtual cross-team and collaborative culture.

UCL SoM is doubly represented on the UKRI’s new Early Career Researcher Forum

Monday, 1 Mar
Congratulations to Research Associates, Lei Liu and Mohamad Sadri from our Strategy and Entrepreneurship group for having been selected to join UK research Innovation, UK Research Innovation, UKRI’s, newly-created Forum for Early Career Researchers.
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Experimenting with scenario planning

Thursday, 25 Feb
Speaking to Management Issues, Jim Berry discusses the importance of scenario planning for organisations to not only be better prepared for unexpected changes that can disrupt their business model but to help build a more robust organisation.

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How short assignments for front-line employees can boost innovation

Tuesday, 23 Feb
There are real benefits to be seen when front-line employees exchange knowledge and ideas to foster an innovative organisational culture, according to an article in the MIT Sloan Management Review from UCL School of Management’s Bilal Gokpinar and co-authors Phillip Cornelius and Fabian Sting from Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Cologne


Platform Competition Review

Monday, 22 Feb
The interest in platform competition continues to grow rapidly. The rise of the internet dramatically increasing both the scale and scope of platform competition leading most business media outlets to describe the current economic landscape as a “platform economy”. In a recent paper published in the Journal of Management, UCL School of Management’s Joost Rietveld and co-author provide a systematic and interdisciplinary review of the academic literature on platform competition.

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The need for interdisciplinary research and policy making

Friday, 19 Feb
Speaking with Al-Fanar Media, Susana Frazao Pinheiro, discussed the ever-growing importance of interdisciplinary research initiatives and how the UCL School of Management is spearheading this multidiscipline style of learning through combined programmes with UCL’s School of Pharmacy.

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Embracing unsolicited advice can benefit your workforce

Thursday, 18 Feb
Talking with HR Magazine, Blaine Landis discussed the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive work culture and how his latest research can help businesses can best promote a culture of solicited and unsolicited advice-giving, which is essential for any organisations to succeed.

Dr Laura Claus appointed as an Associate of Cambridge Judge Business School

Wednesday, 17 Feb
The fellowship recognises the impact of Laura’s research on social innovation and her extensive work in helping organisations understand and create social value.

In the Media

Is Zoom as effective as an in-person meeting when striking a deal?

Monday, 15 Feb
Speaking to Skift, Chia-Jung Tsay's discussed her research involving 1,855 participants across 12 different studies, which highlights how effective video communication can work just as well as face-to-face meetings.

Double Dutch joins forces with GinBuilders to enter the Americas

Friday, 12 Feb
The Double Dutch duo have formed a strategic partnership with GinBuilders, premium brand representation company dedicated to the management of Premium Gin, Genever, and Tonic to launch their brand in the new markets of Latin America, American and Caribbean.
In the Media

How the arts can help you craft a successful research career

Wednesday, 10 Feb
Speaking with Nature, Chia-Jung Tsay discussed how her passion for music and skills as an accomplished classic pianist have and continue to influence her work. ethic and patience, essential for any researcher. Tsay believes a passion for music and the hours of practice required to reach a professional performance standard may accustom musicians to hard work and further develop patience, essential skills for researchers.
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EU to rule on Microsoft's $7.5 billion acquisition of US gaming company ZeniMax

Tuesday, 2 Feb
Speaking to National Technology News, Joost Rietveld discussed the EU’s antitrust regulators upcoming rule on Microsoft's $7.5 billion acquisition of US video gaming company ZeniMax - the tech giant’s biggest acquisition to date.
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Blaine Landis discusses 'why work is more than work'

Tuesday, 26 Jan
Dr Blaine Landis has been speaking with ITPro about why work is more than just work to most people.
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How companies can use Messenger R&A and embrace uncertainty when hiring

Monday, 25 Jan
Professor Vaughn Tan spoke to Mimi Nguyen Co-Founder of the FinTech focused Podcast, Searching for Mana. He shared his experience working on product and business innovation projects for Google and now in the luxury culinary sector.
In the Media

How enterprises could restore our confidence in digital society with blockchain

Monday, 18 Jan
Speaking to IDG Connect JP Vergne discussed the battle for Blockchain and social media which are competing for the heart of the enterprise and how the outcome of will determine what sort of business culture we create for ourselves in the next five years.

In the Media

Is cloud-based learning here to stay? 

Wednesday, 13 Jan
As many studies point to edtech as a catalyst for change in educational processes, Paolo Taticchi speaks to Education Technology about the recent shift to online learning and why he believes universities must build on their learnings from their experience with online learning to build some truly great, accessible programmes for international markets.

In the Media

How to build a future world of work we will want

Monday, 11 Jan
What will life be like when Zoom fatigue is a thing of the past and tech actually helps make work easier and our lives better? That's the question Dr James Berry has been discussing with Nicole Kobie in an article for IT Pro.