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Graduation is not the end of your time with UCL School of Management - in fact, transitioning from your studies marks the beginning of a lasting connection with the School in which you become an integral part of our extensive network, consisting of more than 6,000 professionals within the world of business and management across 80 countries.

Our alumni are thriving in diverse sectors, ranging from banking and finance to entrepreneurship and professional services, offering you a gateway to a truly international network. Here at the UCL School of Management, we understand the significance of staying connected, and are grateful to have supported you through an important chapter of your life.

Your decision to study here has allowed us to be a meaningful part of your journey, and we are committed to witnessing and supporting your ongoing development throughout your career. Please don’t hesitate to stay in touch; our doors are always open, welcoming you to share your experiences and accomplishments.

alumni reunions, events and meet-ups

                                                                                                                                      IMB Summer Reunion, One Canada Square, June 2023

Discover a world of global connections and unforgettable experiences through UCL School of Management’s many alumni events. As part of our commitment to strengthening the international UCLSoM network, we regularly host engaging gatherings around the world.

Whether it’s an international mixer that brings together our diverse community, an engaging talk from a world-leading expert or an exclusive event at our iconic home on Level 50 of One Canada Square, our gatherings are designed to foster meaningful connections. These events provide a unique opportunity for you to reconnect with peers, meet our current students, engage with your academic team, and network with industry leaders. 

The School’s first-ever alumni reunion is taking place on Saturday 13 July 2024. Please note: this event is for those who graduated from any UCL School of Management programme in the years 2019, 2014 or 2009 and before. Secure your tickets here.

Stay tuned for additional announcements about upcoming events. These gatherings are highly sought-after, so be sure to secure your spot when registrations open. Join us for a journey of connection, celebration, and international engagement. We look forward to welcoming you back to the UCL School of Management community.

View our upcoming events

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Begin a meaningful journey of giving back by exploring volunteering opportunities at UCL School of Management. Your expertise, experience, and reputation can make a significant impact on our school, professors, and fellow alumni.

Consider contributing to:

  • Employer Relations and Recruitment: share industry insights and expertise to enhance recruitment efforts.
  • Student Experience: participate in mixers, speak at seminars, and lead workshops.
  • Student Marketing and Recruitment: contribute to initiatives showcasing the unique benefits of joining our community.
  • Executive Education: offer leads, referrals, and testimonials to support our Executive Education programmes.
  • Advisory Board: provide strategic guidance for the overall development of the School.
  • Careers: engage in skills development workshops, mock interviews, and career prep series.
  • Mentoring: Guide aspiring professionals on their academic and professional journey.
  • Fundraising, Engagement and Stewardship: contribute to activities ensuring the continued success and growth of our alma mater.

Connect with the Alumni Relations Team to explore these exciting opportunities. Your commitment to giving back strengthens the UCL School of Management family and supports the advancement of business and management education globally.

founders hall of fame

Explore the exceptional journeys of UCL School of Management alumni who have ventured into entrepreneurship. The Founders Hall of Fame celebrates the achievements of our entrepreneurial community, showcasing over 100 individual enterprises founded by alumni.

Discover the diverse ventures, connect with founders, and gain insights into their experiences. This Hall of Fame serves as a valuable resource for networking and mentorship opportunities.

Visit the Founders Hall of Fame and be inspired by the innovation and success stories within our alumni community.

Alumni advisory council

Formed in June 2023, the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) marks a new chapter of alumni engagement for the UCL School of Management. This distinguished council, consisting of dedicated alumni from a range of industries, including academia, tech and finance, plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the School’s commitment to alumni excellence.

Each member of the AAC brings unique insights that not only enhance the alumni experience, but also showcase the many opportunities open to UCLSoM students following graduation and the meaningful connections that can be formed. As you explore the vast offerings of our alumni community, discover the AAC’s initiatives and the alumni leaders driving them via our dedicated AAC page.

stay connected with us

As a UCL School of Management alum, you can join our dedicated LinkedIn group, offering a platform to connect with peers and stay updated on the latest UCL and School of Management news. This group provides abundant networking opportunities, allowing you to explore job openings from fellow alumni and track their post-graduation achievements. Join our Linkedin community to start networking within the UCL School of Management Alumni group.
Additionally, enjoy exclusive access to our School of Management community and become a valued member of the broader UCL Alumni network, boasting over 200,000 members globally. Explore more about UCL Alumni and its extensive community by joining the LinkedIn group.

Find out more about UCL Alumni

Give something back

As a valued member of the UCL School of Management community, your impact extends far beyond graduation. Consider contributing to our initiatives that make a difference:

Student Hardship Fund: assist students facing financial challenges. Your contribution ensures they can navigate their academic journey with support.

Scholarship Fund: empower future leaders by supporting our Scholarship Fund. Your generosity helps deserving students pursue their goals.

For more details or to explore other ways to give back, contact our Alumni Relations Team.

Thank you for being a part of our legacy.

Last updated Friday, 26 April 2024