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Preparing students for the workplace: Why I introduced digital assessments

Friday, 14 Dec
Dr Rikke Duus, UCL School of Management, explains how she challenged traditional assessment design in response to an increasingly tech-driven world.

Connected Cities - Driving digital transformation in complex ecosystems

Monday, 3 Dec
Research from Rikke Duus, UCL School of Management, and Mike Cooray, Hult International Business School and UCL School of Management, presents the 4xC Framework for Connected Ecosystems which can guide organisations and institutions on how to take advantage of new digital and strategic opportunities.
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Davide Ravasi discusses 'presenteeism' in Japanese working culture

Friday, 23 Nov
Professor Davide Ravasi has been discussing how 'presenteeism', which is commonplace in Japanese working culture, may soon be on the decline.

Sruthi Thatchenkery wins Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award

Thursday, 15 Nov
Sruthi Thatchenkery has won the Academy of Management's 'Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award.'

Lynsie Chew discusses Learning for the Future

Wednesday, 14 Nov
Lynsie Chew took part in a symposium panel on 'Learning for the Future' at the recent World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers in Sydney.

Gizem and Ersin claim second place in the INFORMS TIME Best Working Paper Award

Monday, 12 Nov
UCL School of Management faculty members Gizem and Ersin Korpeoglu have seen their latest paper finish as runner-up in the final of the INFORMS TIME Best Working Paper Award.
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School of Management featured in ITN report

Friday, 9 Nov
UCL School of Management is one of the first business schools in the UK to feature in a new series by ITN and the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

UCL rises up in Times Higher Education world rankings

Monday, 22 Oct
UCL has bucked a UK-wide trend by rising up the rankings in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.
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Dr Chia-Jung Tsay shares tips for entrepreneurs with Forbes

Tuesday, 2 Oct
Dr Chia-Jung Tsay has been discussing why accidental entrepreneurs make the best micro-business owners with Forbes.

Martin Kilduff wins Institute of Leadership Best Paper Award

Tuesday, 2 Oct
Martin Kilduff has the won the 'Best Paper Award' from the Institute of Leadership at the Ivey School, Western University, Canada.

Students win $1m Hult Prize

Monday, 17 Sep
A group of students who have been studying with UCL School of Management have scooped one of the world's most renowned social enterprise competitions - the Hult Prize.

Gizem and Ersin Korpeoglu nominated for INFORMS TIMES Best Working Paper Award

Wednesday, 5 Sep
UCL School of Management faculty members Gizem and Ersin Korpeoglu have seen their latest paper make it to the final of the INFORMS TIMES Best Working Paper Award.

Rikke Duus involved in opening debate at European Forum Alpbach Health Symposium

Friday, 24 Aug
Dr Rikke Duus, Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL School of Management, was invited to take part in the opening debate of the European Forum Alpbach’s Health Symposium in Austria.

Xiaojia Guo wins INFORMS Best Student Paper Award

Wednesday, 22 Aug
Xiaojia Guo, a PhD student at UCL School of Management, has won the prestigious Best Student Paper Award at the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society.

Telegraph feature for Double Dutch twins

Tuesday, 14 Aug
Double Dutch are shaking up the global mixer market according to a business feature in the Telegraph.
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Poornika Ananth discusses headlines on BBC Radio London

Monday, 13 Aug
PhD student Poornika Ananth appeared on BBC Radio London to discuss the daily headlines with Petrie Hosken.

Good management is better than luck for entrepreneurial success

Tuesday, 17 Jul
Luck is an important component of entrepreneurial success but proper management can help to best guide the process, research from the UCL School of Management reveals.

UCL ranked as one of the top five Universities across Europe for teaching

Thursday, 12 Jul
UCL has been ranked in the top five of the ‘Times Higher Education’s first ever student-focused ranking to demonstrate how Universities across Europe place in terms of their teaching ability.
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Research into advertising new tech products features widely in press

Friday, 22 Jun
New research out of UCL School of Management which suggests new technology should not be advertised, has been gaining wide coverage in the press.
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Joe Gladstone features on 250th episode of BBC's The Big Questions

Wednesday, 6 Jun
Assistant Professor Joe Gladstone was invited to take part in a debate on the 250th episode of BBC series The Big Questions.

Lynsie Chew wins UCL Education Award

Wednesday, 6 Jun
Senior Teaching Fellow Lynsie Chew has won a 2018 UCL Education Award.

New technology should not be advertised

Tuesday, 5 Jun
Consumers are often anxious about new technology and only feel comfortable adopting it when they see their friends have, according to research from the UCL School of Management.

Winners revealed in SoM Photo competition

Wednesday, 30 May
The winners of the 2018 UCL School of Management Photo Competition have been revealed

Alan Parkinson and Lynsie Chew meet with Financial Stability Institute (FSI)

Tuesday, 29 May
Alan Parkinson and Lynsie Chew travelled to Basel, Switzerland, having been invited to present and speak on a panel at the Financial Stability Institute (FSI).
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Chia-Jung Tsay discusses changing employee pay schemes with BBC London

Tuesday, 22 May
Associate Professor Chia-Jung Tsay was interviewed on BBC London News about her thoughts on changing the way employee pay is decided.

Evelina Vrabie crowned Academic Rep of the Year

Monday, 21 May
MSc Entrepreneurship student Evelina Vrabie has been crowned Academic Rep of the Year within the Faculty of Engineering.

School of Management to take pro-active approach to Mental Health

Monday, 14 May
UCL School of Management is to take a pro-active approach to Mental Health and begin training staff members in Mental Health First Aid.

Student Entrepreneurs are faster to commercialize their inventions

Tuesday, 24 Apr
Student entrepreneurs and faculty entrepreneurs engage in different strategic behaviour in commercializing their inventions according to new research from the UCL School of Management.

Senior leaders fail to connect useful workers together

Wednesday, 18 Apr
Powerful bosses can be “blind” to gaps in workplace connections between employees, finds new research by academics in the UK, the US and Germany.

Becoming more conscientious

Friday, 13 Apr
What does the science say about how you can boost your conscientiousness? Are there specific things you can do to become more conscientious over time? Professor Martin Kilduff and Assistant Professor Blaine Landis have been discussing their ongoing research into becoming more conscientious in the Harvard Business Review

Fake news impacted voters leading up to 2016 US General Election

Tuesday, 27 Mar
Increased production of fake news in the run up to the 2016 US General Election did impact the public’s news viewing habits, new research from the UCL School of Management reveals. The conversion of fake news article production to fake news site consumption was comparable to traditional banner advertising click through rates.

Charity Day proves a huge success

Tuesday, 20 Mar
The inaugral UCL School of Management Charity Day, which raised money for Cancer Research UK, has proved a huge success.

School launches joint MRes/PhD scholarship with Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

Friday, 16 Mar
UCL School of Management is delighted to announce the launch of a new joint MRes/PhD scholarship with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT).
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Colin Fisher published in HR Magazine

Tuesday, 13 Mar
The latest piece of research by Colin Fisher, which discusses the need for leaders to offer 'deep help', rather than micromanage, has been published in HR Magazine.
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Steve Yoo mentioned in Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, 21 Feb
Dr Steve Yoo, an Assistant Professor at UCL School of Management, has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal for his research into 'surge pricing'.


Alan Parkinson wins PQ Lecturer of the Year

Wednesday, 21 Feb
Dr Alan Parkinson has been crowned 'Lecturer of the Year' at the 2018 PQ Magazine Awards

Playbrush proves popular with the Dragons

Monday, 19 Feb
Playbrush, a startup co-founded by MSc Entrepreneurship alumnui Paul Varga and Tolulope Ogunsina, proved extremely popular with the Dragons on the Dragons' Den.

Zizzi to stock Double Dutch soft drinks

Friday, 16 Feb
Double Dutch, the startup founded by twins Joyce and Raissa De Haas, have struck a deal with Zizzi to serve their premium soft drinks in restaurants across the UK.

UCL SoM present at 2018 UK Learning Technologies Conference

Thursday, 1 Feb
Lynsie Chew and Alan Parkinson were invited speakers at the 2018 UK Learning Technologies Conference at Olympia.

Karoline Gross recognised in Forbes 30 under 30 2018

Monday, 22 Jan
UCL School of Management Alumna, Karoline Gross, has been listed on the 2018 Forbes Europe '30 under 30 list for Media and Marketing.

Dr Chia-Jung Tsay named an APS Rising Star

Wednesday, 10 Jan
Dr Chia-Jung Tsay, Associate Professor at UCL School of Management, has been named as one of the 2017 APS Rising Stars.