UCL School of Management

4 April 2022

Paolo Taticchi authors four new case studies

Professor Paolo Taticchi has authored four new case studies that will be now used in his classes at UCL School of Management, and globally by fellow scholars.

The first two cases were co-authored with Paolo’s Visiting PhD Student Chiara Andreoli; and focus on strategy, finance and sustainability.

ENEL and the world’s first SDG-linked bond

The case study “ENEL and the world’s first SDG-linked bond” presents the story of ENEL Group - a leading multinational company operating in the global energy markets in over 34 countries - that innovated the world of sustainable finance by creating the first ever Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) strategy-linked bond.

E.Marinella – A silk thread connecting Naples and London

The case study “E.Marinella – A silk thread connecting Naples and London” presents the story of a famous Italian family-owned company operating in the Fashion and Luxury industry. The brand today is primarily known for its elegant ties worn by the most famous Heads of States, politicians, and celebrities worldwide.

The case study introduces several strategic challenges faced by the firm including including the digital and sustainability transitions, the evolution of the retail strategy, and a delicate leadership change.

Piero Armenti: from journalist and tourist to influencer and entrepreneur

This case study was co-authored with Paolo’s Research Assistant Melina Corvaglia-Charrey and focuses on business strategy for social media influencers and entrepreneurs.

The case study “Piero Armenti: from journalist and tourist to influencer and entrepreneur” presents the story of Piero Armenti, a well-known Italian influencer, author and entrepreneur whom success is associated to the Facebook page “Il Mio Viaggio A New York” which at the beginning of 2022 had over 2.5 million fans who followed Piero’s stories about New York and his personal life with great interest.

Marco Camisani Calzolari: The Digital Renaissance Man

Co-authored with Paolo’s Research Assistant Melina Corvaglia-Charrey, the case study “Marco Camisani Calzolari: The Digital Renaissance Man” presents the story of Marco Camisani Calzolari (aka MCC), an Italian born-digital expert, author, teacher, entrepreneur and public persona acknowledged by many Italians as a guru of all things digital, technology & communications.

The case presents MCC’s mission to democratise the digital world and technology and make it more accessible to everyone.

These case studies follow two more that Professor Paolo Taticchi authored in 2021: “A sustainability strategy for Consilient Health” and “FAIR: A network approach to sustainability, innovation and competitiveness”.

Last updated Monday, 4 April 2022