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The UCL School of Management Alumni Advisory Council

the ucl school of management alumni advisory council

Consisting of a number of local and international alumni, students and School of Management staff, the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) hopes to strengthen the UCL alumni network in order to provide meaningful experiences and connections to its members. The AAC recently held its inaugural meeting on Level 50 of One Canada Square in which they discussed exciting ideas for alumni networking, including the hosting of annual reunions and international events, as well as impactful volunteering opportunities.

In recent months, the UCL School of Management has hosted a series of reunion events to foster post-graduation networking within the UCL community, including the first-ever BSc Information Management for Business Alumni Summer Reunion, which saw over 110 guests attend the event from every IMB cohort since the programme‚Äôs first graduating cohort in 2010. The AAC hope to continue their work on strengthening the UCL alumni network both in the UK and around the globe.

who are the alumni advisory council members?

Alina Kim - Chair
Adjunct Lecturer - Education

Sonal Gupta - Vice Chair
Founder, House of Katran

Daniela Avramioti
Analytical Consultant, Google

Frederic Asante
Risk & Controls, Natwest Markets

Julian Barklund
Valuations Manager, PwC

Lucas Berger
Associate, Axino Global

Theresa Bloch
Credit Analyst, Iwoca

Iain Cooper
Vice President, Finance Parsons Corporation

Marta Gasik
Data Centre Lead, Microsoft

Xiaojia Guo
Assistant Professor in Operations & Decisions, University of Maryland

Rafael Hernandez
Senior Innovation Manager, Pfizer

Irina Ionescu
Junior Associate, McKinsey

Charles Idem
Head of Sales, Paystack

Nilam Kaushik
Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Mingyuan Li
Boao Forum, Asia Secretariat

Jean-Baptiste Limonier
Junior Analyst, Perspective Invest

Mauricio Pettinato Lucio
Managing Partner, Multiambiente

Chitraj Singh
CEO and Founder, MindHug

Thanh Ha Trinh
Data Scientist, Lidl Great Britain

Tom Weston
Strategy & Transactions Manager, EY

what we’re working on

The AAC is currently working to strengthen the UCL School of Management network both in London and around the globe. Committed to solidifying alumni relationships through reunions and meet-ups, we are also committed to external relations and interdepartmental collaboration. The AAC also hopes to explore how we can give back to our alumni community and support their long-term professional and personal development. Stay tuned!

Stay up to date with all our latest alumni news on the UCL School of Management Alumni LinkedIn page.

Last updated Tuesday, 14 November 2023