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UCL School of Management Scholarship Fund

The UCL School of Management Scholarship Fund is a vital initiative that provides crucial financial support to deserving students with academic potential but who face financial barriers to pursuing their studies.

It aims to reduce the financial burden and create equal opportunities for students who may otherwise struggle to access higher education due to financial constraints.  

To ensure that talented students from all backgrounds can pursue their academic ambitions, scholarships are awarded pre-enrolment based on a thorough evaluation process. This approach allows us to identify and support those who demonstrate outstanding potential, enabling them to fully engage in their studies.

The fund is maintained through donations from our wonderful alumni and other supporters, meaning that we can give a truly impactful level of support to each recipient.  

Scholarships are an incredibly important tool for helping to ensure that students from all backgrounds can access higher education and fulfill their potential:

  • Access to higher education remains a challenge for many students from disadvantaged backgrounds due to financial constraints. 
  • Scholarships have been proven to significantly enhance the educational outcomes and opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds. 
  • Research indicates that financial support through scholarships can contribute to higher retention rates and academic success. 

How to get involved

Through donations from our community, we can continue to provide essential financial assistance to our students in need, helping them to overcome challenges and continue their academic journey at UCL. Every donation, no matter how small, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and can help ensure they have the necessary resources to complete their studies and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead for them.

We thank all of our donors for their incredible generosity and compassion in supporting our students during their time of need.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

If you would like to help us with fundraising, please reach out to the team to discuss your ideas: mgmt-alumni@ucl.ac.uk.

Last updated Thursday, 5 October 2023