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Could your organisation benefit from a dive into your data?

The UCL School of Management is looking for partners to work with our MSc Business Analytics students, who can bring invaluable insights to a question through their dissertation projects.

We work with a large number of small, innovative organisations looking to scale their operations, alongside developing some exciting partnerships with renowned brands. We are also interested in working with charities and public sector organisations to provide our students with the opportunity to engage with different types of organisations that align with their own goals, interests and needs.


There is no cost for organisations to host a student


3 months of support for your business


100+ Students ready to make an impact

Our students’ skills and backgrounds

Students from UCL School of Management’s MSc Business Analytics programme are intellectually curious, self-motivated, and passionate about technology and data.

When students join the programme, we spend the first two terms building their foundational knowledge. They all receive a grounding in Statistics and Programming, explore Analytical approaches in Marketing, Operations and Strategy and benefit from hands-on experience of using the latest Machine Learning algorithms in Predictive Analytics. They also have the opportunity to study the latest industry approaches to Data Visualisation, Data Engineering and Natural Language Processing.

By the time our students reach their final term at UCL School of Management, they are fully prepared to undertake an analytical project that delivers real business value.

The projects

To date, over 700 consulting projects have been delivered by our MSc Business Analytics students.

Previous student projects have included:

  • Customer-focused analysis
  • Predictions
  • Forecasting
  • Recommendation systems
  • Strategy
  • Visualisation
  • Optimisation
  • Clustering
  • NLP
  • Network Analysis
  • Image Processing
  • Deep Learning


To provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and understanding of business analytics and how it can be applied in practice.

To provide students with an opportunity to create a substantial piece of work that highlights their skills and experience, which they can share with potential employers.

Benefits to our partners

  • Get insights into questions you may not have time or resource to investigate
  • Gain from fresh ideas
  • Develop your team’s mentoring or coaching skills
  • Take advantage of the specialist knowledge and skillset our students bring
  • Obtain an objective point of view to help steer business decisions
  • Validate ideas through research and analysis
  • Uncover methodology for future data analysis
  • Test a range of models or approaches


September to January

We talk with partners and scope projects.


Interview students who have applied to work on your project.


Agreements covering the commitments of all parties and intellectual property are signed.

May to August

Students undertake the consulting project, making use of the relevant data, to answer your project brief.

The project is the basis for the students’ dissertations which will be completed in early August.


What difference can the projects make?

“As a business, we had the pleasure of working with an excellent student, who had a very clear idea of her goals. She delivered on the project, leaving us with a well-articulated and carefully designed piece of work that we could integrate into our own product.”

“We have gained both valuable answers around the processes in which we work and a tool which speeds up our existing practice of data analysis.”

“The student delivered details and insights that we could not have foreseen, and this will now be a core part of how we take the business forward.”

“We gained insights that will be used to improve our services and - hopefully - help us to generate additional income.”

“My staff gained a lot from working with the master's student, learning the approach taken by a data scientist to a problem, and developing coaching skills for problem-solving issues that arose.”

“The student delivered to us a phenomenal level of insights that we had not considered, enabling us to illustrate to clients how AI will help with predictive analysis.”

“The project provided a fresh and specialist pair of eyes that our business otherwise would not be able to justify bringing in!”