UCL School of Management

Undergraduate Elective Modules



MSIN0003 Communication and Behaviour in Organisations (Term 2)

MSIN0004 Accounting for Business (Term 1)

MSIN0004 Accounting for Business (Term 2)

MSIN0048 Understanding Management (Term 1)

MSIN0048 Understanding Management (Term 2)


MSIN0049 Business in a Competitive Environment* (Term 2)

MSIN0051 Business in the Digital Age (Term 2)

MSIN0052 Law for Managers* (Term 2)

MSIN0057 Strategic Human Resource Management (Term 2)

MSIN0059 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (Term 1)

MSIN0059 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (Term 2)

MSIN0061 Global Marketing Strategy (Term 2)

MSIN0065 Business Economics for Engineers (Term 1)

MSIN0066 Management Accounting for Engineers (Term 2)

MSIN0180 Quantitative Methods for Business (Term 2)

MSIN0155 Society, Technology and Behaviour (Term 2)

Modules marked with (*) are also available at M-level


MSIN0053 Mastering Entrepreneurship (Term 1)

MSIN0053 Mastering Entrepreneurship (Term 2)

MSIN0144 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice* (Term 2)

MSIN0055 International Strategy (Term 2)

MSIN0056 Innovation Management (Term 1)

MSIN0060 Global Entrepreneurship (Term 1)

MSIN0068 Project Management* (Term 1 or 2)

MSIN0027 Marketing Communications* (Term 1)

MSIN0028 Mergers and Valuation* (Term 2)

MSIN0029 Digital Marketing (Term 2)

MSIN0034 Industrial Organisations (Term 2)

MSIN0035 Engineering, Technology, and Innovation: The Long View (Term 1)

MSIN0039 Corporate Financial Strategy* (Term 1 or 2)

MSIN0147 Strategic Project Management* (Term 2)

MSIN0047 Entrepreneurial Finance* (Term 2)

MSIN0146 Financial Management (Term 1)

MSIN0044 Business for Bioscience (Term 2)

MSIN0153 Dissertation (value 1 course unit) (Term 1 and 2)

Modules marked with (*) are also available at M-level

M-level modules available to 4th year MEng and MSci students

MSIN0068 Project Management (Term 1 or 2)

MSIN0027 Marketing Communications (Term 1)

MSIN0028 Mergers and Valuation (Term 2)

MSIN0049 Business in a Competitive Environment (Term 2)

MSIN0029 Digital Marketing (Term 2)

MSIN0053 Mastering Entrepreneurship (Term 1 or 2)

MSIN0069 Managing The Growing Firm (Term 2)

MSIN0039 Corporate Financial Strategy (Term 1 or 2)

MSIN0052 Law for Managers (Term 2)

MSIN0144 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice (Term 2)

MSIN0047 Entrepreneurial Finance (Term 2)

Please note:
  1. For undergraduate modules the fifth character (number) is defined as follows:
    1 = Year 1; 2 = Year 2; 3 = Year 3; 4 = Year 4; 5 = Year 5; 6 = Any year; 7 = Any year except Year 1; 9 = Major project/dissertation/extended essay 
  2. Undergraduate modules are 15 UCL Credits (7.5 ECTS credits) except for MSIN9001 (30 UCL Credits). 

The information regarding the UCL School of Management elective programme is, as far as possible, accurate at the date of publication. UCL School of Management reserves the right, before the student commences study on any of its modules, to discontinue teaching the module or withdraw and/or amend the contents of any topic contained within that module.

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