UCL School of Management

Operations & Technology

The faculty in this group share a common interest in understanding how companies actually do things for value creation and value capture in complex business environments. Topics of interest include R&D management, innovation and new product development, service systems, supply chain economics, healthcare operations, marketing strategy and pricing. Our faculty employ a diverse set of quantitative and analytical methodologies including—but not limited to—managerial economics, big-data analytics, decision theory, game theory, applied econometrics, queuing models, and optimisation.

Topology and evolution of networks

How to capture the topological characteristics of networks and their evolution.

Entrepreneurial operations management

Develop stylized insights/practical frameworks to aid operations of high-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Inefficiency in the flu vaccine supply chain

This project aims to understand the sources of inefficiency in the flu vaccine supply chain and eliminate them.

Coordination in complex product development

How product architecture, organizational communication, and globalization influence product development performance.

Innovation investment decision making

How do risk, competition and operational flexibility influence optimal innovation investment decisions?

Data analytics in service systems

We analyse data from service systems, such as call centers or hospitals, to inform operational efficiency in those systems.

Delay announcements in service systems

This project studies effective ways of announcing delays to incoming customers, as is commonly done in call centers or hospitals.