UCL School of Management

Operations & Technology

The faculty in this group share a common interest in understanding how companies actually do things for value creation and value capture in complex business environments. Topics of interest include R&D management, innovation and new product development, service systems, supply chain economics, healthcare operations, marketing strategy and pricing. Our faculty employ a diverse set of quantitative and analytical methodologies including—but not limited to—managerial economics, big-data analytics, decision theory, game theory, applied econometrics, queuing models, and optimisation.

Behavior in queueing systems

In this stream of work, we study behavioral phenomena in queueing systems.

Innovative Online Platforms

This collection of projects focus on the operational aspects of online platforms.

Sharing economy

We use queueing-theoretic analysis to improve operations in the sharing economy.

Innovation and Crowdsourcing Contests

This project analyzes the optimal execution of contests as a mechanism for eliciting innovation from crowds and experts.

How Can Firms Benefit From Disclosing Innovations?

This research studies the impact of innovation disclosures on knowledge diffusion and firm's intellectual management strategies.

Mobile App Platform Choice

Combining machine learning techniques and structural estimation approach, this research studies mobile app's platform choice decisions.

Quality Information Disclosure in Service Industry

This project examines whether quality information disclosure is beneficial to consumers in the service industry.

Routing in Call Centers

This project investigates the optimal routing of customers in call centers with heterogeneous agents to trade off speed and quality.

Service System Design with Strategic Servers

This project studies how to use incentives for employees to improve the operational performance in service systems, such as call centers.

Managing the product innovation and sales process

The role of customers and competitors in optimizing product innovation and sales efforts.