UCL School of Management

12 October 2023

UCL School of Management alumna Marta Gasik listed in Forbes 30-Under-30 Poland

(Image: Forbes Poland)

UCL School of Management alumna Marta Gasik has recently been named in Forbes 30-Under-30 in recognition of her incredible achievements within the world of tech. Currently the Data Centre Lead at Microsoft Poland, Marta has played a vital role in the implementation of major projects, such as the company’s cloud strategy in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region - an investment worth $1 billion.

Discussing her career beginnings, Marta tells Forbes that management was always her goal - she loves working with people and thrives in professional environments. However, she credits UCL School of Management and the BSc Information Management for Business programme with her decision to combine management with technology. In her interview with Forbes, Marta discusses the technical skills she’d learned on the programme, and the ways in which they supported her when she joined Microsoft and was the youngest on her team by an average of 15-20 years.

Discussing her incredible achievement, Marta told us, ‘This is an incredible moment to be recognised for my work in my home country. To be featured on Forbes 30u30 - not as an entrepreneur, but for impact driven in the corporate world - is not often seen, and I am excited to be able to share my story and remind others that true impact can be driven within global organisations. Bringing resources of leading corporations to new markets is a significant motivator and I look forward to building on this strength in the coming years.’

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Last updated Monday, 23 October 2023