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8 March 2024

International Women's Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

International Women’s Day stands as a global celebration honouring the remarkable economic, social, political, and cultural contributions of women worldwide. This year, the UCL School of Management embraces the theme of #InspireInclusion, championing a bias and prejudice-free world. We’re committed to empowering every individual regardless of gender, race, sexuality or background. In the coming weeks, we’ll share diverse narratives from our community, from former students to senior management, to explore the essence of International Women’s Day and promote inclusion.

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Inspiring others to understand and value women’s inclusion not only fosters a better world but also cultivates a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment among women themselves. 

For International Women’s Day, we embrace the theme and invite you to join us in celebrating the diverse voices and achievements of some amazing women from the UCL School of Management community. Explore our webpage for inspiring stories and thought-provoking discussions.

A few words from….

Davide Ravasi, School Director

As we approach International Women’s Day, it’s imperative to reflect on the strides we’ve made and the challenges that lie ahead in our journey towards gender equality and inclusion. This year’s theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ resonates deeply with our values here at UCL School of Management.

At our institution, we are committed to fostering an environment where diversity thrives, where every voice is heard, and where inclusion is not just a goal but a reality. Our recent endeavours reflect this commitment. Just recently, Professor Cydney Dupree’s research was published in the ASQ, underscoring the vital importance of embracing intersectionality in our efforts to support and empower women leaders across all racial backgrounds. I am also delighted to highlight the outstanding achievements of individuals within our community, such as Honorary Associate Professor Chia-Jung Tsay, whose groundbreaking work was recognised with the Best Paper Award at the Diversity in Management and Organisations (DMO) 2023 conference.

Moreover, our events and initiatives have been instrumental in championing women entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of empowerment. Last year, we celebrated the triumphs and acknowledged the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs at our event, ‘Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.’ This engaging panel discussion drew over 90 participants, including students, academics, and industry professionals, reaffirming our dedication to advancing gender equality in entrepreneurship.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let us recommit ourselves to the cause of gender equality and inclusion, not just within our institution but in society at large. Together, let us inspire inclusion, empower women, and create a future where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

Sunny Lee, Deputy Director (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion), Associate Professor

I want to be thought of as the ‘girl who fought for education.’ This is the cause to which I want to devote my life.- Malala Yousafzai

Echoing the words of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, education can be a pivotal force for growth and inclusion. Historically, women and people of colour have encountered significant barriers in accessing education equally. This International Women’s Day 2024, our commitment is to work further to broaden educational access and to weave diversity and inclusion into the very fabric of the knowledge we impart.


Meet Susan Smith, Professor and Deputy Director (Student Experience)​ at UCL School of Management. Susan’s role is pivotal in ensuring every student’s journey, from applicant to alumni, is supported and enriched. Passionate about inclusivity, she has spearheaded initiatives like the hardship fund and the Year 12 widening participation summer school, opening doors for underrepresented groups. As a respected Professor of Accounting, Susan addresses gender disparities in the field, advocating for equality. Her guiding principle? Maya Angelou’s timeless wisdom on the importance of making others feel valued. Join us in celebrating Susan’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Read the Spotlight on Susan Smith.


Advancing Equity in Entrepreneurship

As part of our ongoing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), we are proud to highlight recent achievements within our research community. Associate Professor Cydney Dupree’s work has recently been published in the journal Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ), upholding our dedication to advancing knowledge that aligns with UCL’s wider EDI initiatives and goals.

In navigating the complexities of leadership communication, Cydney Dupree’s research deepens our theoretical understanding but also provides practical implications for promoting diversity and inclusion in leadership. As we strive towards a more equitable future, Dupree’s research reminds us of the importance of embracing intersectionality in our efforts to support and empower women leaders across all racial backgrounds.

Read more about Cydney Dupree’s “Words of a Leader” in ASQ.

Award-Winning Research on Gender and Time Surveillance​

Congratulations to UCL SoM Honorary Associate Professor Chia-Jung Tsay for her remarkable achievement in winning the 2023 Best Paper Award at the Diversity in Management and Organisations (DMO) 2023 conference.

In collaboration with Erin Reid from McMaster University, Chia-Jung Tsay penned the winning paper titled “Gendered Time Surveillance and Suspicions at Work and in Professional Roles.” Their research looks at the complexities of gendered perceptions of time and their profound impact on professional roles. By exploring how gender influences perceptions and evaluations related to time management, Tsay’s work will help advance our understanding of workplace dynamics and the importance of inclusion and diversity in academic discourse.

Find out more about Chia-Jung Tsay’s award-winning paper.

Understanding the Journey of Women Entrepreneurs

Women’s participation in entrepreneurship is growing, but those from low and middle-income countries remain underrepresented. To address this, UCL School of Management Assistant Professors Clarissa Cortland and Felix Danbold, and Associate Professor Chia Jung Tsay have partnered with the Cherie Blair Foundation.

At the 2023 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), the Cherie Blair Foundation announced a new project aimed at empowering one million women in low and middle-income countries to start, grow, and sustain successful businesses by 2030. Our faculty’s research into the experiences of women entrepreneurs will inform the development of programmes and curricula tailored to their needs, driving systemic change.

As one of the first universities to partner on this initiative, we’re committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ventures of one million women by 2030.

Read more about the new CGI and UCL SoM research project.


From MSc Entrepreneurship to Empowering Youth with UCL SoM Alumna Mary Sam

We continue to carry on the theme of celebrating stories of women and recently caught up with our UCL MSc Entrepreneurship alumna Mary Sam for our newest blog feature. Mary’s journey from engineering to founding Teengle—a fintech platform empowering youth—inspires us all. Her dedication to driving financial literacy among children, coupled with her resilience in navigating the tech industry as a woman, showcases the power of female leadership in shaping the future.

UCL SoM Alumna and Be-Kin founder Wren Loucks presents keynote speech for the British Institute of Interior Design

UCL School of Management MBA alumna and Be-Kin founder Wren Loucks is set to run and present the keynote speech for an upcoming online webinar held by the British Institute of Interior Design. Intended to explore the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the workspace and how we often view its design, Wren will present research on the key drivers motivating the latest workspace design trends.

UCL MSc Entrepreneurship Alumna Ponk Memoli awarded £50,000 Innovate UK grant to support Startup

UCL School of Management alumna Ponk Memoli has recently been awarded the £50,000 Innovate UK Grant to support her architectural design startup, HTCH. The UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK supports business-led innovation across myriad industries, sectors and technologies across the country and encourages the development of life-changing innovations.

    Double achievements for UCL Alumnae Double Dutch twin sisters Joyce and Raissa de Haas

    UCL School of Management alumnae have been named in this year’s Under35s list and were shortlisted for the Great British Businesswoman Awards 2023 in the Young Businesswoman category. We had the privilege of catching up with the dynamic sisters to mark this occasion at the end of last year.​ Double Dutch Drinks was founded in 2014 when the sisters were studying MSc Entrepreneurship. Their vision was clear: to disrupt the market and redefine people’s expectations of mixers. Read more of the Dutch twin sisters’ alumnae story.

    UCL SoM Alumna Marta Gasik was named in Forbes 30-Under-30 Poland

    UCL School of Management alumna Marta Gasik has recently been named in Forbes 30-Under-30 in recognition of her incredible achievements within the world of tech. Currently the Data Centre Lead at Microsoft Poland, Marta has played a vital role in the implementation of major projects, such as the company’s cloud strategy in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region - an investment worth $1 billion. Find out more about Marta’s incredible career at Microsoft.


    Amidst our ongoing dedication to gender equality, we proudly highlight the unwavering spirit of women entrepreneurs at UCL School of Management. Reflecting our year-round commitment, last November saw UCL SoM host a panel titled “Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs,” aligning with the global celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Moderated by Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard, School Lead for Entrepreneurship, the event attracted over 90 participants, including students, academics, and industry professionals eager to glean insights from successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enablers.

    Our panel included recent UCL MSc Entrepreneurship graduates Anushka Desai and Ina Jovicic, who shared their inspiring journeys as co-founders of Himayat Pune, Application Ally, and eNOugh respectively. Joining them were accomplished entrepreneurs Rachael Twumasi-Corson, Yang Liu, and Noa Havazelet, alongside David Horne, author of “Funded Female Founders”. Together, they illuminated the path for aspiring entrepreneurs and celebrated the remarkable achievements of women in business.

    Read more about the “Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” Event.

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