UCL School of Management

12 January 2024

UCL SoM Honorary Associate Professor Chia-Jung Tsay won 2023 Best Paper Award

Congratulations are in order for UCL SoM Honorary Associate Professor Chia-Jung Tsay, who won 2023 Best Paper Award at the Diversity in Management and Organisations (DMO) 2023 conference!
The inaugural DMO conference was co-chaired by David Daniels (SMU), Adam Galinsky (Columbia), Maggie Neale (Stanford), and Melissa Thomas-Hunt (UVA). The conference featured several SoM participants, and recently announced the standout achievement.
Chia-Jung Tsay, in collaboration with Erin Reid from McMaster University, penned the winning paper titled “Gendered Time Surveillance and Suspicions at Work and in Professional Roles.” 

This paper delves into the intricacies of gendered perceptions of time and their consequential impact on professional roles. The exploration of how individuals’ gender influences perceptions and evaluations related to time management remains pivotal in ongoing conversations surrounding workplace dynamics and gender biases.

Read the official announcement.

Last updated Thursday, 7 March 2024