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PGT Careers and Professional Development Programme

At UCL School of Management we understand how important it is to set yourself up for the best possible career. Time and time again, our students tell us that this is one of the primary drivers for them when they decide to pursue a postgraduate degree. 

To help you make sure you have the right plan in place and prepare you to make the most of your time at UCL School of Management and tackle the competitive job market after graduation, we’ve launched a ‘Careers and Professional Development’ programme - a new series of events designed to give you a detailed insight into the specific roles within your desired industry and help you explore the various options to find what’s right for you and prepare for the at times, challenging recruitment processes.

At the centre of the programme are a suite of Careers Electives – a series of over 19 different webinar sessions spanning the three streams; Explore your OptionsFind Opportunities and Prepare to Apply, and key sector preferences of our students. All of the sessions which will take place are open exclusively to 2020/21 UCL School of Management postgraduate students. Students can also access additional personal 1:1 sessions with our careers advisors to discuss their careers aspirations and specific applications in detail. 

Participating in this programme is mandatory and all students must attend a minimum of eight webinar sessions. The specific sessions you choose to attend are at your discretion, dependant on where you are on your personal career journey. Students are also very welcome to attend more than a minimum of eight sessions.

The Careers Electives in Term One run from Wednesday 16th September – Wednesday 28th October. You can view a visualisation of the Careers and Professional Development Programme Electives including all three streams and when each event will take place.

Stream 1 - Explore your options

Though these sessions you’ll enhance your understanding of a broad range of industries and gain deeper insights into some of the key trends and challenges impacting work in these areas. Having current and meaningful business and commercial awareness is critical to you being in a better position in understanding which career might be right for you.  


16 September 2020 - Finance in Focus: Investment Banking 

16 September 2020 - Analytics in Focus: Data Analytics in Technology, Media and Telecommunications

17 September 2020 - Finance in Focus: Hedge Funds

17 September 2020 - Analytics in Focus: The Growing Importance of Data Analytics in Consulting 

23 September 2020 - Finance in Focus: Wealth Management 

24 September 2020 - The Future of Finance

24 September 2020 - Finance in Focus: Private Equity

7 October 2020 - The Future of Consulting 

14 October 2020 - The Future of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

21 October 2020 - The Future of Consumer Goods and Services

Stream 2 - Find opportunities

Ready to solidify direction, gain skills, and search for potential roles? This stream supports you to take practical steps to help narrow your options and begin to identify the roles and employers that are right for you.

We have a wide range of resource to signpost you to upcoming employment and internships opportunities. 


Look out for your weekly, programme-specific newsletters featuring a curated selection of career and internship opportunities

Explore the advice and resources available on the Postgraduate Carers Moodle platform

Attend UCL Careers Fairs, Themed Weeks and Employer Presentations. You can find out more at MyUCLCareers

See wider jobs boards, including career and internship opportunities at MyUCLCareers.

Access 1:1 appointments for CV, cover letter and application review

Stream 3 - Prepare to apply

You may already have a strong sense of what you’d like to go into after your Master’s, or perhaps you do now you’ve completed sessions from streams 1 and 2. Whatever your plan, this stream focuses on the recruitment process, supporting you to demonstrate your value. 

For the purpose of the pre-sessional programme, this stream will focus in detail on how to tackle assessment centres, interviews and other elements of the recruitment process used in the sectors our graduates typically find employment. 


7 October 2020 - Get ready for Online Assessment; Ability, Aptitude and Personality Tests

CANCELLED due to a change in employer availability - 7 October 2020 - Understanding Gamification and How Employers use it in Recruitment Processes

14 October 2020 - Interviewing with Confidence

14 October 2020 - How to Ace Strengths-based and Video Interviews

21 October 2020 - Succeeding at Assessment Centres

21 October 2020 - Assessment Centres: Understanding what Employers are Looking for

28 October 2020 - Consulting in Focus: Cracking the Case Interview

11 November 2020 - Master in the Consulting Case Interview - Postponed from 28 October

Further information

If you would like to learn more about any of these sessions, or careers support at UCL School of Management, please email us.

You can view a visualisation of the Careers and Professional Development Programme Electives including all three streams and when each event will take place.

Last updated Wednesday, 28 October 2020