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Strategy and Entrepreneurship 3rd year PhD student Joe Ploog shares his experience studying at UCL SoM

Thursday, 26 Nov
Grace Gaywood
Ever wondered what it’s really like to study a PhD? Strategy & Entrepreneurship student Joe Ploog shares his experience studying a PhD with UCL SoM and gives some top tips for those considering studying a PhD.

Student Rep Velvetina Lim tells us what it's like to study a PhD at UCL School of Management

Tuesday, 17 Nov
Ever wondered what it’s really like to study a PhD? Velvetina tells us why she chose UCL School of Management and her experience so far studying with us and even gives some top tips to stay focussed - a key skill for anyone wanting to study a PhD.
In the Media

Do dominant platforms support new app developers or are they oversaturated?

Monday, 13 Jul
Dominant platforms like Apple's App Store are often overcrowded and oversaturated, meaning new app developers go unnoticed with their games being pushed to the bottom of the pile. School of Management's Strategy and Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor Joost Rietveld and PhD student Joe Ploog's recent study reveals as a platform becomes increasingly dominant, the platform sponsor’s governance strategies shift from being largely supportive of the wider complement population to becoming more selective and geared toward end users.

Outdated TV advertising is 90% too expensive

Tuesday, 12 Sep
TV adverts must be targeted to individual households, to combat viewers skipping the ad breaks, new research from UCL School of Management reveals.