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Generative AI and Organizations


Generative AI is characterized by its rapid growth and evolution and its potential to affect human activity and organisations. This research project investigates the multi-faceted affect that generative AI will have in organisational settings. Findings show that ideas produced by generative AI increases individual human creativity, but reduces the collective diversity of ideas. Also, for strategic decision making, aggregations of generative AI evaluations approach the evaluations of experts. In everyday office settings, the availability of generative AI increases an idividuals perceptions of their social worth and improves how they solve work tasks, but increases the perception of employee job demands.


Organisations face a multi-faceted challenge with generative AI. It is being integrated into office processes, it poses a challenge to certain business models or products and services, and it is challenging how humans interact with productive and creative activities. Results from this research project can provide actionable insights for organisations adapting to and incorporating generative AI.

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Last updated Friday, 12 April 2024


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Organisations & Innovation; Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Research areas

Social psychology of organizations; Strategic management

Research topics

Creative industries; Creativity; Digital transformation; Innovation