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Bart Vanneste

Associate Professor
Phone number
(0)20 3108 6051
(internal 86051)
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square
Rm SW4


Bart Vanneste is an Associate Professor in the Strategy & Entrepreneurship group of the UCL School of Management. Bart’s research focuses on artificial intelligence and corporate strategy. He has published widely including a book titled Corporate Strategy: Tools for Analysis and Decision-Making and in prestigious journals such as Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategy Science. He is the Programme Director of the AI for Business executive education programme at the UCL School of Management. He was awarded the Management Best Teacher Award by UCL School of Management. He obtained a Ph.D. in Strategic & International Management from the London Business School and an M.Sc. in Data Science & Machine Learning from UCL, and was on the faculty of INSEAD.


Bart‘s research interests include corporate strategy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithmic management.

PhD supervisor to:

Research projects

Entrepreneurial operations management

Develop stylized insights/practical frameworks to aid operations of high-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Tracking M&As

Tracking M&As using machine learning generated counterfactuals
Selected publications
Vanneste, B. S., & Ranjay, G. (2022). Generalized Trust, External Sourcing, and Firm Performance in Economic Downturns. Organization Science, 33 (4), 1599-1619. doi:10.1287/orsc.2021.1500 [link]
Vanneste, B., & Yoo, O. (2020). Performance of Trust-Based Governance. Journal of Organization Design, 9 (14). doi:10.1186/s41469-020-00075-y [link]
Kretschmer, T., & Vanneste, B. S. (2017). Collaboration in strategic alliances: cooperation and coordination. In L. F. Mesquita, R. Ragozzino, J. J. Reuer (Eds.), Collaborative Strategy A Guide to Strategic Alliances. Edward Elgar Publishing.
Vanneste, B. S. (2017). How Much Do Industry, Corporation, and Business Matter, Really? A Meta-Analysis. Strategy Science, 2 (2), 121-139. doi:10.1287/stsc.2017.0029 [link]
Puranam, P., & Vanneste, B. S. (2016). Corporate Strategy: Tools for Analysis and Decision-Making. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Vanneste, B. S. (2016). From interpersonal to interorganizational trust: The role of indirect reciprocity. Journal of Trust Research, 6 (1), 7-36. doi:10.1080/21515581.2015.1108849 [link]
Vanneste, B. S., & Frank, D. H. (2014). Forgiveness in Vertical Relationships: Incentive and Termination Effects. Organization Science, 25 (6), 1807-1822. doi:10.1287/orsc.2013.0861 [link]
Vanneste, B. S., Puranam, P., & Kretschmer, T. (2014). Trust Over Time in Exchange Relationships: Meta-Analysis and Theory. Strategic Management Journal, 35 (12), 1891-1902. doi:10.1002/smj.2198 [link]
Vanneste, B. S., & Puranam, P. (2010). Repeated Interactions and Contractual Detail: Identifying the Learning Effect. Organization Science, 21 (1), 186-201. doi:10.1287/orsc.1080.0402 [link]
Puranam, P., & Vanneste, B. S. (2009). Trust and Governance: Untangling A Tangled Web. Academy of Management Review, 34 (1), 11-31. doi:10.5465/amr.2009.35713271 [link]

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