UCL School of Management

Xingyi Li

PhD Student


Xingyi is a PhD candidate in Marketing at UCL School of Management since 2018, advised by Professor Bert De Reyck and Yiting Deng. Before starting her PhD, she holds a Master degree in Business Analytics in computer science from UCL (2017) and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science with Business and Management from the University of Manchester (2016). She will be on the job market in 2023 Summer/Fall.

Her research interests focus on the field of digital marketing. Her passion lies in exploring the dynamic intersection of data-driven causal inference, econometric models, machine learning and natural language processing. By applying these techniques on various unstructured data source (across text, audio, image, video), she seeks to understand the underlying factors that drive consumer preference and decision-making, enabling businesses to make informed marketing strategies and optimize their digital campaigns. 

PhD supervisor: