UCL School of Management

8 April 2024

UCL SoM Prof Susan Smith's Perspective on Accounting in Times Higher Education

UCL School of Management Professor Susan Smith and University of Sheffield Professor Richard Murphy have written an insightful piece for Times Higher Education. It highlights the need for a shift in accounting education, addressing criticisms of traditional programmes and proposing strategies to equip graduates with modern industry skills.

The article delves into the necessity for accounting educators to evolve their approach in preparing graduates for the fast-changing professional landscape. They address the criticism faced by accounting education programmes for their narrow focus on technical skills, highlighting the need for a shift towards broader intellectual skill development to meet the demands of the evolving profession.

There is also an emphasis on the importance of integrating sustainability, ethics, and critical thinking into accounting curricula to better equip graduates with the skills sought after by employers. The challenges faced by educators include accreditation constraints, lack of quality teaching materials, and time constraints, and proposes practical strategies for overcoming these barriers.

The Accounting Streams project, led by Susan and Richard aims to revolutionise accounting education by developing a new type of textbook that prioritises critical engagement with the discipline and integrates ethics and sustainability from the outset. The project adopts a problem-based pedagogical approach and emphasises digital-first and open-access publishing to make the material accessible and inclusive.

Overall, the article calls for a re-evaluation of accounting education practices and offers tangible solutions to bridge the gap between graduate skills and industry demands, ultimately aiming to produce highly sought-after accounting professionals equipped to navigate contemporary challenges.

Read the full Times Higher Education.

Last updated Tuesday, 9 April 2024