UCL School of Management

9 April 2024

UCL SoM Professor Bilal Gokpinar speaks at Economist's AI Summit

UCL School of Management Professor Bilal Gokpinar recently took to the stage at The Economist’s 4th Annual Business Innovation Summit in London. Among a distinguished panel, including Princess Beatrice of York and industry leaders, Bilal offered insights into the complex landscape of AI integration, advocating for a balanced approach amidst discussions on AI’s societal impact.

On 21 March 2024, The Economist’s 4th Annual Business Innovation Summit brought together over 450 CXO and senior leaders from across the globe. At the heart of discussions was the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), exploring ways to navigate its complexities and turn fears into opportunities for businesses and organisations. 

In a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Should businesses pump the brakes on AI’s progress or is there a need for speed?” Professor Bilal Gokpinar brought his expertise to the forefront, offering nuanced perspectives on AI’s impact across industry, economy, and society. With years of research and teaching experience at the school, Bilal provided a balanced view, acknowledging both the immense potential and the challenges surrounding AI adoption.

Alongside Princess Beatrice of York, whose current role in an AI company offered practical insights, and other distinguished panelists such as American Express VP and the Head of AI Policy for the Government’s AI Task force, Bilal engaged in a robust exchange of ideas. The discussion delved into the crucial question of whether the pace of AI advancement should be maintained or tempered in light of potential risks.

As small and large firms rush to implement AI, Bilal emphasised the value of quiet and meaningful steps and complementary investments to bring AI into workflows, and the need to think of possible unintended consequences of automation, based on his recent research at UCL School of Management. Drawing from his academic expertise, he highlighted the need for interdisciplinary collaboration and ongoing dialogue between academia, industry, and policymakers to navigate the evolving landscape of AI governance effectively.

As businesses increasingly integrate AI technologies into their operations, his insights serve as a guiding beacon, reminding stakeholders of the imperative to manage trade-offs between short term productivity gains and long term implications of automation. His participation in The Economist’s summit underscores UCL’s commitment to fostering thought leadership and driving meaningful conversations around AI’s business and societal implications.

Professor Bilal Gokpinar’s presence at The Economist’s AI summit exemplifies the pivotal role of academia in shaping the trajectory of AI innovation. As society grapples with the opportunities and challenges presented by AI, Bilal’s contributions serve as a catalyst for informed decision-making and responsible AI deployment in the digital age.

Last updated Tuesday, 9 April 2024