UCL School of Management

12 February 2024

IMB alumnus Mihai Marcuta raises $3.2 million for tech start-up NodeShift

NodeShift Co-Founders Andrey Surkov (pictured left) and Mihai Marcuta (pictured right).

UCL School of Management alumnus Mihai Marcuta has raised more than $3.2 million in a recent round of funding for his tech start-up NodeShift, a decentralised cloud provider hoping to create a vital new space for businesses that prioritises infrastructure affordability. The fundraiser saw investment from some of the industry’s leading firms, including Inovo Capital, Notion Capital, 10X Founders, Kestrel0x1, Arca, Oxford Seed Fund.

Co-Founded with Andrey Surkov, NodeShift allows businesses to build and host secure applications affordably, with the goal of ensuring privacy, agility and scalability at an affordable price point. With more than 2,000 data centres connected to their platform across the globe already, NodeShift is currently the most affordable cloud solution on the market. Unlike many traditional forms of cloud solutions, NodeShift has no data centres of its own, instead opting for a model that focuses on decentralisation and the use of existing data centres.

Explaining the reasoning behind the company’s bold structure, Mihai states, ‘The growth of peer-to-peer computing creates an open marketplace where cloud infrastructure prices are reduced given the transparent competition between independent data centres. Decentralisation will fundamentally transform how the world does business’. With this recent fundraiser, NodeShift is hoping to launch their product publicly to developers at large.

After graduating from UCL SoM’s BSc Information Management for Business programme, Mihai went on to a number of engineering roles at international firms including Microsoft, Cisco and Twitter, before launching NodeShift in January 2023.

Last updated Thursday, 22 February 2024