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Aleksandra Lazarevic | 8 June 2022

Student life on Level 50 One Canada Square

Back in 2021, UCL School of Management expanded its footprint in Canary Wharf after acquiring Level 50 of One Canada Square. The School originally moved to Canary Wharf back in 2016 with the acquisition of Level 38 of One Canada Square, giving the School a home in the heart of one of the world’s largest business and finance districts. Five years on and after launching a number of new programmes, the School has doubled its facilities for students and staff by acquiring Level 50, the top floor of One Canada Square.

The new space was fitted out to the highest standards, providing students, staff and visitors with a special place to work, study and network. 

MSc Management student Aleksandra Lazarevic shares her experience studying on Level 50 and why she believes the location, facilities, view and people made her time at UCL School of Management what it was. 

The views

Have you ever dreamed of living in heaven? At UCL School of Management’s Level 50 One Canada Square, you can get a glimpse of the city from the clouds, you can feel the sunshine’s rays, see the clear blue sky with cotton-like clouds, and have a breathtaking view of the city of London. Even on a foggy London morning, the views are still quite something.

Canary Wharf is a fantastic location for the UCL School of Management. One Canada Square is surrounded by some of the biggest investment banks such as J. P. Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley and studying on the highest floor of the landmark tower close to the headquarters of MBB and the Big Four consulting companies is an exceptional experience!

The amazing views and seeing London from a different perspective will keep you motivated throughout the day. The energy you will feel will drive you to go beyond your limits and get the best out of you. Aside from the views, the people you will meet around the building will give you the extraordinary feeling of being a real business professional - you will be surrounded by industry professionals which puts you in the best position to achieve your future career ambitions.

UCL is London’s global university with students from across the globe joining UCL SoM. You will be surrounded by peers from different backgrounds and countries who will only further enrich your study experience and in some cases, your life. The learning process goes beyond the lectures, you’ll also learn from people from the other programmes and at events with industry experts at UCL SoM to help expand your network.

A motivating space

The atmosphere during the exam weeks will inspire you to work even harder than usual, you’ll be surrounded by your peers working on their projects, sharing their ideas and experiences, tips, and tricks, and supporting each other towards the same goals – getting the best out of the learning process. That’s not to say that social gatherings and parties aren’t an important part of the student life - taking a break and going for lunch or parting with your peers is a way to recharge and enjoy the student life.  

Everything on Level 50 will make motivate you, the facilities are designed to support your studying. The amazing Nespresso machine (and its variety of flavours) is a great way to kick-start your day and prepare you for a day of insightful lectures. The seminar suite and the quiet study rooms with comfortable chairs, adjustable tables and printers make the working environment reliable and convenient. There are also a number of excellent rooms to host group meetings for team projects.

The professional services staff and professors are another asset to the space, they’ll always politely greet you, making you feel appreciated and welcomed. Although sometimes the student life might be stressful there is always someone who will make you laugh and smile if you just take a step outside of the quiet study room.

Level 38, also belongs to UCL School of Management and is a pleasant and great place to work and study. However, once you see London from Level 50, surrounded by outstanding people while learning many things you have never heard of before, it boosts your confidence. Also, it inspires you to believe in the bright future ahead of you. You are getting the feeling of becoming a believer and achiever. Nothing stops you from achieving your targets and the UCL Careers Team stands behind you, supporting you to make your dreams come true.

Once you’ve studied at UCL School of Management’s space on Level 50 you will never feel the same. The view at the top makes you see a holistic view of life. But remember, it is not always about the place but the people, so enjoy your study days, meet as many people as possible, talk to random people at the school and expand your network. Use every opportunity to learn something new since information is the key, but do not forget to enjoy the view as well as the journey.

Aleksandra Lazarevic

Last updated Wednesday, 22 June 2022