UCL School of Management

Aleksandra Lazarevic

MSc Management Student


Aleksandra Lazarevic is an MSc Management student at UCL School of Management.

She is currently working as a Marketing and Branding Consultant for SigmaRoc PLC company based in London. She earned her BA double-degree in International Sales and Marketing at International Business College Mitrovica/VIKO University of Applied Sciences Lithuania. 

Aleksandra comes from Serbia, and she has been an active member of civil society for more than eight years. She has extensive national and international experience in human and social rights, gender equality, peacebuilding, peer-mediation, advocacy, inter-ethical cooperation and education, leadership, marketing and PR, and many more. She is a certified educator and facilitator by WEBIN and an OSCE Dialogue Academy for Young Women 2020 alumna. She used to work on projects related to youth empowerment and engagement in decision-making processes, women’s empowerment, and Small and Medium enterprises development. 

She stands against all forms of discrimination and is a human rights activist. She is goal-orientated and strives to get the best results, make everyone feel appreciated and heard, and is open-minded. She was also part of two Erasmus + exchange programs in both Denmark and Portugal. She aims to raise awareness on the importance of diversity within our environment and the ways that we can cultivate, respect, and appreciate differences. 

Aleksandra stronly aligns herself with the Maya Angelou’s quote: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”