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Declan Clear | 10 June 2020

Staying positive in lockdown

It’s important to stay positive and do the things you enjoy in lockdown. A few weeks ago, a group of staff at the School of Management put together a video of what we were getting up to during lockdown to stay upbeat and happy.

We put a call to all staff, students and the wider School of Management community to see what they were doing, and we got some absolutely fantastic responses.

Laura Claus

Assistant Professor for Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Laura Claus kicked us off with her home-made movie in which Laura exchanges a six pack of Corona for one roll of toilet paper to a mysterious man who seems to know a lot about the School of Management.

None of us will ever forget The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, which will go down in history as the year when toilet roll became more valuable than a barrel of oil!

Krasimir Kirilov

Our toilet paper themed fun didn’t end there and our wonderful IMB student, Krasimir Kirilov showed us how he’s used his time at home to launch his rap career with a video titled ‘Dealing with Lockdown’.

The lyrics summed up Krasimir’s feelings about lockdown. The video is a real treat featuring several of his classmates as virtual backing dancers and Krasimir showing us some serious toilet roll juggling skills. We are sure Krasimir will follow in the footsteps of famous School of Management alumni such as Honey G.

Niall Roche

Senior Teaching Fellow for Finance Accounting and Economics, Niall Roche reignited an old passion and channelled his inner Bear Grylls as he scaled the Rocky heights of Malvern in his entry.

Declan Clear

School of Management’s Declan Clear took to the world of Ticktok. Declan borrowed the suit from his good friend and fellow UCL alumnus Chris Martin (he wishes!). But one thing’s for sure, the Michael Flatley-esq dancing on display really showed a side to the Irishman we had yet to see.

Edmund Sze

The subject of quarantine haircuts has been on the lockdown agenda since day one with many daring to play hairdresser. Edmund Sze did exactly that for his entry - his very own DIY haircut. A Trojan effort and a brave step taking a razor to his hair, and while we don’t recommend he packs up his studies to become a top hair stylist, at least he didn’t go with the bowl cut.

Jade Krishna

By the time lockdown is over many of us will have forgotten what makeup even is, let alone how to apply it. Management Science Student Jade Krishna’s entry reminds us of our makeup days. She created different celebrity makeup looks in her awesome video tutorial.

Filippo Proietti

We received an inspirational video message from MSci Management Science alumnus Filippo Proietti, who shared with us a great video about his experience at UCL and moving forward with his start-up.

Siddharth Parkash Singh

One of our favourites has to be from our very own Assistant Professor for Operations and Technology, Siddharth Parkash Singh.  Siddharth serenaded us all with some classic Disney hits and then topped it off with a wonderful video showcasing his dance moves, which rivalled Taylor Swift’s in Shake it Off.

A big thank you to all our wonderful staff and students who contributed to these light-hearted and fun projects, we hope you enjoy them. And wherever you are we hope you stay safe and well.

Last updated Thursday, 11 June 2020