UCL School of Management

Organisations & Innovation

The faculty in this group share a common interest in the social psychology of individuals, teams, social networks, and processes within organizations. Topics of interest include creativity, innovation, leadership, negotiations, personality, decision-making, cooperation and competition. Our methods for data collection and analysis are diverse, including survey research, interviews, social psychology experiments, inductive qualitative research, multi-method field studies, and network analyses. Despite this diversity, there is a common focus on understanding individual and team outcomes within organizations.

Interdependence and organizational decisions

How and why do organizational decision makers, in personnel decisions, differently evaluate candidates from different social groups?

Status in complex organizations

How people use social references to evaluate an actor’s reputation and performance in complex organizations and communities.

The psychology of negotiations and public policy

Cognitive and affective barriers to creating value in negotiations and public policy.

Perception and judgment of performance

The role of expertise and nonconscious biases in judgments of performance.

Integrating personality and networks at work

How personality and network characteristics influence performance and career success in organizations

Understanding group diversity over time

Exploring dynamic processes in diverse groups and how the effects of diversity change over time

Improving the quality of management research

This project is focused on improving the quality of management research by strengthening the link between theories and empirical data.

Motivation and Creativity

This project is about explorations of why and how people are motivated to be creative at work.

Emotion management in organizations

How do managers monitor and control emotions in organizations, and how do employees respond?