UCL School of Management

Neil Sutherland

Associate Professor (Education)


After spending my formative years touring across the world in DIY punk bands, I have taken the not-so-obvious career progression of teaching and writing about the theory and practice of organisations. It was through those early experiences that I became fascinated not only with the explicit processes of organising, but with the importance of community building and collaborative working. Since then, my practice has focussed on the development of ‘alternative’ forms of leadership and management that can help facilitate more open, participative and democratic groups. I still play in DIY punk bands. 

I joined the UCL School of Management in 2022 with the primary role of supporting Teaching Assistants, specifically focusing on the development of pedagogic practice and considering potentialities for further career and skill enhancement. This involves understanding the wider Higher Education climate, a focus on cutting-edge classroom practice, and an ethic of care.

I am a dedicated and passionate educator: a Senior Fellow of the HEA with over a decade of experience within Higher Education Institutes. I am a highly experienced Programme Leader and Module Director and hold a range of education-focussed responsibilities, including leading the UG module Innovation Management in Year Three. 

I write for academic journals and books as well as reaching wider audiences: I run an academic support Vlog (‘Neils Common Room’) and co-host a podcast on Student Wellness (‘The Red Print: Your Wellness podcast’). The theme of Learning Communities is a stream throughout all of my work and I am ever-curious in understanding the creative ways that we can connect people to increase collaboration in and outside of formal learning environments. 

In 2022 I have established, and maintain two central School of Management resources:

- Teaching Assistant Info Hub: https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1348

- Module Leader TA Info Hub: https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1350