UCL School of Management

Jana Patey

Teaching Assistant


Whilst working at the University College London, I also hold an Associate Lectureship at the University of West of England and I am a visiting fellow at the University of East Anglia.

Prior to these engagements, I was a Senior Research Associate at Norwich Business School (UEA) for two years and I worked on a prestigious ESRC funded project investigating the factors affecting the introduction of health and wellbeing practices in organisations that can foster higher levels of productivity, staff engagement, health and wellbeing.

Whilst completing my Phd between 2013 and 2019 I worked as an Occasional Lecturer at the University of Suffolk, teaching both postgraduate and undergraduate modules in Business Management, Organisational Behaviour and HRM CIPD accredited courses.

I am an experienced qualitative researcher with essential training in quantitative methods. I am passionate about impactful research into:

- health and wellbeing at work (individual and organisational wellness, critique of wellbeing practices),

- affect at work and organisational malpractice,

- creativity at work, creative expression, and supporting/suppressing structures at work,

- AI in organisations, future of work as well as teaching with AI,

- entrepreneurship studies, women in entrepreneurship and innovation,

- gender equality, diversity, and inclusion/ inequalities in organisational life.

Before joining the Business Schools, I held HR advisory positions in several private and public sector organisations between 2010 and 2019. I focused on the mitigation of organisational risks in employment relations matters, designing and integrating of policies and processes affecting organisational outcomes such as improved wellbeing and performance.

I hold a fellowship of HEA and I am a Chartered member of CIPD.

My Phd research (July 2019) explored how workplace relations can provide valuable insights into organisational anxiety and organisational malpractice. I used the psychodynamic lenses and specialised in the Object Relations School in terms of exploration of the self as affected by interpersonal and organisational spaces.