UCL School of Management

3 April 2023

Workplace buzzwords – are they all legitimate?

Headshot of Anthony Klotz

Since the pandemic, employees’ working habits and wants from organisations have drastically changed. Speaking with the Financial Times Anthony Klotz shares what buzzwords and trends employers should be mindful of and those where there is no empirical evidence so they can more easily ignore.

Having coined the term “the Great resignation” Anthony is well positioned to explore the new buzzwords we are seeing on social media sites such as TikTok and asses the possible implications for employers. Employees want to feel valued, have better benefits and flexibility and are looking for more than just a pay check, and for those who don’t feel that, the new term, “Quiet Quitting” seems to be the latest trend. Anthony advised this is one term employees should engage with and ensure their employees feel valued.

“Rage applying” is another buzzword employees should not dismiss, whereby employees feel unsatisfied with their jobs and begin to mass apply for new roles. Anthony advises employers should maintain a fair workplace and then go a step further and ensure they list their jobs on the platforms rage appliers from rival organisations may be using.

Terms such as “resenteeism” and “Sunday scaries” are not necessarily terms employers should worry about at this stage as there is no empirical evidence to suggest these are happening or even being recommended.

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Last updated Monday, 3 April 2023