UCL School of Management

16 November 2023

UCL SoM Organises Networking Event for Ukrainian Entrepreneurship

The UCL School of Management recently organised an engaging networking event specifically designed to strengthen ties within the Ukrainian entrepreneurship community, connecting participants from the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine Lecture Series with members of the Gen UK Restart Ukraine programme.

This networking event coincided with Global Entrepreneurship Week (13-19 November, 2023), a worldwide celebration that empowers entrepreneurs in every country and community, especially for those facing structural barriers or who have not yet considered launching a startup.

The event, held at the UCL Innovation and Enterprise, featured Jerry Allen, Director of Entrepreneurship and Andreas Feller-Ryf, Acting Head of Entrepreneurship at UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Elaine Gold, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Gen UK, Nataliia Hrytsiuk, and Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard from UCL School of Management. These speakers provided valuable insights and guidance, highlighting the critical role of networking and collaborative efforts in entrepreneurship.

The highlight of the event was the announcement by Elaine Gold (Gen UK) and PJ Hanard (UCL School of Management) that all participants of the lecture series will have the opportunity to continue their entrepreneurial learning journey on the Gen UK Restart Ukraine platform. This initiative represents a meaningful step in ensuring ongoing support for budding entrepreneurs.

PJ Hanard, School Lead for Entrepreneurship at UCL School of Management, commented on this initiative:

“Collaborating with the GenUK Restart Ukraine platform is a natural extension of our educational initiatives. This underscores our dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial talent by offering continuous learning opportunities and connections that build upon the foundations laid during our lecture series.”

Jerry Allen emphasized the importance of networking, stating,

“Engaging with peers and leaders through events like this is a cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. They enable the exchange of ideas and foster a supportive community that is crucial for innovation and business growth.”

This event is a part of the UCL School of Management’s ongoing commitment to supporting entrepreneurship. It highlights the School’s dedication to fostering a global community of innovative and resilient entrepreneurs.

For further information, please contact Nataliia Hrytsiuk and Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard.

Last updated Tuesday, 28 November 2023