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26 July 2023

UCL SoM celebrates double success at UCL Sustainability Awards 2023

Congratulations to UCL MBA student Tom Weston and UCL SoM Professor Paolo Taticchi for their remarkable achievements at the UCL Sustainability Awards 2023!

This year, UCL School of Management proudly presented two applications, both of which were shortlisted for a UCL Sustainability Award. The results were revealed at a hybrid ceremony at UCL recently, which celebrated the exceptional sustainability endeavours within the university.

The UCL Sustainability Awards is an annual event which recognises and celebrates outstanding achievements of staff and students across UCL who have contributed significantly to UCL’s Sustainability agenda. The awards aim to highlight and honour individuals, teams, departments, and projects that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and have made significant strides in addressing environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Congratulations to UCL MBA student Tom Weston, who took home the Student Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability for his exemplary work on The UCL Sustainability Lab

The UCL Sustainability Lab is an inspiring student-led and student-operated platform that fosters collaboration between students and industry partners to address grand business challenges through a sustainability-focused lens. Founded by Tom Weston, with valuable support from sustainability expert Professor Paolo Taticchi, the Lab acts as a catalyst for impactful projects that bridge the gap between academia and industry. Its success is evident through the launch of industry projects in partnership with leaders from prominent organisations like Cundall and Capture6.

“I’m extremely appreciative of the ongoing support from the School of Management, and proud to be acknowledged for my work with the UCL Sustainability Lab. I founded the Lab to provide a platform for students and industry partners to tackle sustainable business challenges, and it’s incredible to see the impact that we’ve already generated. A huge thank you to all of the students across UCL, and both the current and upcoming industry partners, for their continued engagement”

UCL MBA Student Tom Weston

Furthermore, UCL SoM Professor Paolo Taticchi was recognised as a “highly commended” runner-up for the Staff Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability

Paolo has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to driving environmental and social change at UCL through his exceptional contributions in education, research, enterprise, media, and advisory roles. He has designed successful Executive Education programmes on sustainable business transformation, published influential research papers and a book on sustainable transformation strategy, and organised impactful conferences on impact investing.

Paolo’s involvement in consulting projects and partnerships has furthered the cause of sustainability, including measuring the social impact of philanthropic art donations and promoting biodiversity research. Notably, he secured sponsorship for UCL’s first-ever SustainTech pitching competition and has been recognised as a keynote speaker at corporate events and by prominent business media.

Paolo’s activities have had a profound impact on both the global audience and the UCL community, with his contributions to curriculum development, keynote talks, and strategic guidance for various initiatives. His media engagements have elevated the profile of UCL, making him a visible ambassador and faculty member of UCL School of Management. Overall, Paolo’s efforts have firmly established him as a driving force in advancing sustainability at UCL and beyond.

“I’m grateful for the backing I’ve received from my esteemed colleagues and happy to earn recognition for my dedication to education and research. My principal focus is to contribute towards the sustainable evolution of business practices, and I am thrilled to see our collective efforts garnering attention.”

Professor Paolo Taticchi 

We extend our warmest congratulations to both Tom Weston and Professor Paolo Taticchi for their outstanding contributions, which continue to inspire and propel UCL’s sustainability efforts forward. These achievements exemplify the spirit of innovation and dedication that drives us all to create a more sustainable and resilient future for our school, university and the wider global community.

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Last updated Friday, 28 July 2023