UCL School of Management

15 March 2023

UCL School of Management's Ersin Korpeoglu co-authors INFORMS Paper of the Month

A recent paper co-authored by UCL School of Management Associate Professor Ersin Korpeoglu has been selected as the INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section (TIMES) Paper of the Month. Entitled, ‘Parallel Innovation Contests’, the paper was co-authored with Gizem Korpeoglu from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Isa Hafalir from the University of Technology Sydney.

The TIMES Paper of the Month Initiative was launched at the start of April 2021 with the goal of using the INFORMS community platform to spread the word about impactful TIMES research – not only among members, but also the large network of professionals on LinkedIn. Primarily designed to encourage interaction between those with an interest in technology management research, INFORMS recognises the contributions of work in the areas of technology, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Focusing on innovation, the authors’ research paper questions if organisations should run multiple innovation contests in parallel and allow a set of solvers to compete in these contests. Their overall research indicates that organisations benefit from solvers’ participation in multiple concurrent contests when the solver’s output uncertainty in these contests is large. It also suggests that profits may increase with solvers’ participation. Utlimately, the authors argue, this may explain why a large number of organisations run multiple contents in practice.

Read the full paper or find out more about INFORMS TIMES.

Last updated Monday, 3 April 2023