UCL School of Management

8 November 2023

UCL School of Management Joins Networking Event at Level 39

Lecture Series participants networking at the event.

UCL School of Management recently joined a networking event organised by Level 39, a renowned co-working space and connected community for tech startups and scaleups, based at One Canada Square. The event, which took place last month, served as a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs to interact, collaborate, and exchange ideas. It was attended by participants of the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine Lecture Series and a diverse group of entrepreneurs based on Level 39.

The networking event, is held monthly and acts as a reminder of the importance of networking for entrepreneurs, particularly those at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. It provided a lively forum for the UCL School of Management’s Ukrainian entrepreneurs to forge meaningful connections, open doors to new opportunities and gain invaluable insights that are crucial for startup growth.

During the event, Visiting Scholar Nataliia Hrytsiuk and Entrepreneurship Education Lead at UCL School of Management, Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard, presented an overview of the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine Lecture Series. This series is designed to equip aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge required to transform their business ideas into a reality. It aims to contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine once the war is over by nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs.

“Today’s event underscored the critical role networking plays in the entrepreneurial journey, particularly for those at its beginning” said Nataliia Hrytsiuk.

Commenting on the event Pierre-Jean (PJ) Hanard said “The connections made here at Level 39 can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights that are invaluable for startup growth. We believe that fostering these connections, coupled with the practical knowledge shared through the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine Lecture Series, will empower our participants to drive innovation and contribute positively to Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts.”

For more information about the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs for Ukraine Lecture Series, please contact UCL’s Nataliia Hrytsiuk or Pierre-Jean Hanard.

Last updated Wednesday, 8 November 2023