UCL School of Management

23 January 2024

UCL Prof Anthony Klotz Speaks to Business Insider on Workplace Loyalty

Who are you most loyal to: Yourself or your job? UCL Associate Prof Anthony Klotz speaks to Business Insider and takes us through what it takes to transform trust to triumph. 

Anthony Klotz lends his expertise to Business Insider’s exploration of evolving dynamics relating to loyalty in the workplace, particularly focusing on the changing relationship between employers and employees in the United States. 

The article delves into the concept of the psychological contract, which encompasses the mutual expectations and obligations between employers and employees. Over time, the traditional norms of loyalty have shifted, influenced by factors such as globalisation, changing management philosophies, and the rise of remote work. 

Anthony suggests that some progressive companies are adapting to the changing times by implementing initiatives like “alumni programs” to maintain connections with former employees. These programmes, he contends, not only serve the company’s interests but also contribute to a more enduring relationship with their workforce.

The piece concludes by proposing actionable steps for both employers and employees to renegotiate their terms, fostering a workplace where trust and loyalty become mutually enriching components of a healthier and more dynamic professional environment.

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Last updated Thursday, 1 February 2024