UCL School of Management

23 June 2015

Rikke Duus' article for The Conversation reaches 700,000 views

An article written for The Conversation by Rikke Duus, a Senior Teaching Fellow in the department of Management Science & Innovation, has become the most read article to date from a UCL contributor. The piece which discusses the positives and negatives of wearable technologies such as fitness trackers, has been viewed by over half a million readers since it was published on Friday (19th June). Rikke and Mike Cooray of Ashridge Business School conducted a study of 200 women who wore a Fitbit activity tracker. Although, at first glance the results appeared to be positive, they soon began to see a darker side to the technology with a large proportion of the participants feeling under pressure to reach their targets (79%) and over half (59%) feeling that their daily routines were controlled by the device. Alarmingly, 30% saw the Fitbit as an enemy and 22% felt less motivated to exercise. To read the full article, please visit: How we discovered the dark side of wearable fitness trackers.

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