UCL School of Management

26 August 2020

The resilience of the UCL MBA model - Jim Berry featured in Wealth Briefing

The wealth management sector is driven by talented individuals, and without them providing top-class advice, manage investments and find solutions for problems, the sector wouldn’t survive. That’s why replenishing talent is essential for the wealth management industry, in the same way creating new machine tools and moulds are necessary for manufacturing and developing cars. 

UCL MBA Director, Jim Berry recently sat down with Wealth Briefing to discuss how The UCL MBA is changing the typical MBA model by providing a high-quality classroom experience delivered online that focuses on the skills needed for the talented future individuals driving the sector.  

Jim believes that an MBA offers more than just professional development, it supports personal growth and development; “An MBA like ours helps you to be the best you can be in your profession – it makes you a more strategic leader, effective manager as well as developing the tools and confidence to be more self-directed.”

In the interview Jim discussed the intricates of the programme, who it is aimed at, why it is unique in providing the classroom experience online, both socially and academically. The global pandemic has seen a shift to asynchronous and synchronous learning as the new educational model, but this is something UCL School of Management identified as an effective model ahead of the new trend and a key reason the MBA was born. 

“We saw an opportunity as the global infrastructure and technology developed to a point where we believed we could support an interactive digital classroom. This allowed us to create a hybrid offering for working professionals who desired the flexibility of an online programme with the richness of an interactive classroom experience.”

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Last updated Tuesday, 1 September 2020