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28 March 2022

Research Study: Test your Creativity by Helping us Save a Theatre in Chicago

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The new Behavioural Research Lab at UCL School of Management is designed to facilitate data collection for academics and students’ behavioural research projects and support their contributions to the advancement of scholarly research. The findings may also provide new insights that shape ways of thinking in industry and reform the ways in which organisations operate.

The studies at the Lab will be hosted either remotely or in-person and could involve a range of activities such as; completing a survey on a computer- being given a hypothetical scenario or being asked to consume a food item and answering some questions about it or interacting with other participants through playing a game or another similar activity.

UCL School of Management Assistant Professor, Tom Taiyi Yan, has launched a paid Research Study that will be running via the Behavioural Research Lab and is looking for participants. The Research Study will be carried out remotely and will be contributing to the world-class research carried out at the UCL School of Management.

Name of Study
Test your Creativity by Helping us Save a Theatre in Chicago

In this research task, you will be required to work with a teammate to brainstorm and come up with a business action plan to help save Riverside Theatre, a struggling historic theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

All participants will receive £10 upon completion of the task with the potential to earn a performance-based bonus of £75.

To take part please, create a research participation account here and add yourself to the list to view the available time slots. 

If you have any questions relating to this study please contact mgmt-lab@ucl.ac.uk.

Last updated Tuesday, 29 March 2022