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14 January 2022

Paolo Taticchi given leadership award

Professor Paolo Taticchi in a suit in front of a green and white patterned backdrop.

Paolo Taticchi at the launch of Polo della Sostenibilità in Milan

Professor Paolo Taticchi OMRI has been given an award for his leadership and contribution to sustainable transformation in Italy.

The award was presented to Paolo by Dr Giovanni Lombardi, Founder and President of TECNO who are a digital and sustainable services company in Italy, with Dr Lombardi praising Paolo’s adaptive leadership and contribution to the development of innovative and sustainable solutions.

Paolo was attending an event at the Italian Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, in Milan to launch Polo della Sostenibilità, a new initiative launched by TECNO and V-Finance that focuses on helping Italian Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to engage with sustainable transformation for the future.

Engagement in sustainable transformation is something Paolo is passionate about, and he was recently appointed on the Committee for the Bio-Economy and Sustainable Taxation for the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Italy.

The committee will advise the Minister on the definition of new laws that will help the country to move towards a more sustainable and circular economy. In particular, the focus of the group is to encourage corporate sustainability through incentivizing sustainable approaches to businesses, which can include reduced taxation benefits linked to ESG performance.

Upon receiving the award from Tecno, Paolo said:

“I am delighted to receive this award from TECNO and V-Finance. It was unexpected and a very nice surprise to be recognised in this way.

“Together we must continue to use initiatives, such as the Polo della Sostenibilità, to encourage business to start transforming sustainably as soon as possible.”

Last updated Friday, 14 January 2022