UCL School of Management

21 July 2023

Anthony Klotz presents "Micro-Nature" macro impact for Harvard Business Review

UCL School of Management’s Associate Professor, Anthony Klotz, presents the macro impact of the “micro-nature” in a newly published article for Harvard Business Review (HBR). In this eye-opening research, he reveals how incorporating micro-nature - small, affordable natural elements - into office spaces can boost employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being. 

Their study showed that integrating these natural elements into office environments, had a positive influence on employee performance and well-being. Whether natural or artificial, or even simply paintings of nature and natural colours in work surroundings, the study showed incorporating micro-nature enhances productivity, helpfulness, and creativity, with no negative effects. 

Anthony Klotz and his co-authors add that these benefits can come from beyond the workplace with their study highlighting the importance of remote workers having a connection with nature. They recommend that managers and employers should encourage remote workers to spend time outside in the evenings and take an after work walk, as this proved to make them more productive the next day.

Canary Wharf Group’s “Green Spine Project” leads the way as a real-world example of integrating nature into commercial spaces, creating a greener work environment for their employees during the workday and afterwards too. The project aims to add parks, gardens, waterside access, performance spaces, bridges, boardwalks and pontoons. Apart from sustainability initiatives, the motive behind nature integration stems from the well-established fact that nature positively affects human emotions, thinking, connection to others, and physical well-being. Despite some challenges in large-scale investments, the research encourages companies to provide micro-nature experiences to employees, even in non-traditional office settings. 

Connecting employees to nature provide a valuable supplement to well-designed jobs that already offer meaningful work, fair compensation, and respectful treatment.

Ultimately, the research showcases the transformative potential of “micro-nature” in shaping modern workplace environments and enhancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.

Read the full HBR article for further insights. 

Last updated Monday, 24 July 2023