UCL School of Management

29 June 2023

Meet UCL School of Management's staff Wellbeing Champions

We are delighted to announce that UCL School of Management now has two official UCL Wellbeing Champions: Alex Redmond and Caoimhe Regan. Wellbeing Champions play a crucial role in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond and are essential in spreading the importance of positive mental health.

UCL Wellbeing Champions are voluntary roles that are carried out alongside Alex and Caoimhe’s positions within the School as Teaching and Learning Administrator (ECs/Timetabling) and Teaching and Learning Administrator (Undergraduate), respectively. As Wellbeing Champions, Alex and Caoimhe will promote wellbeing initiatives, activities and resources and are supported by the Workplace Health team. 

Discussing the scheme, Alex told us, ‘As a UCL Wellbeing Champion, my role is to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace alongside supporting the implementation of Being Well at UCL. I’m looking forward to using this opportunity to create events and activities that foster a supportive and exciting work environment for all colleagues.’

Caoimhe also shared why she decided to become a UCL Wellbeing Champion: ‘Through studying psychology, completing courses on mindfulness and my own personal experiences, I have always been passionate about advocating and destigmatising mental health. I am thrilled to be working with Alex to create an atmosphere of support and promote wellbeing in the department.’

Keep an eye out for any wellbeing events organised by Alex and Caoimhe, including their Wellbeing Coffee Morning on 20 July or find out more about the UCL Wellbeing Champion Scheme.

Last updated Thursday, 29 June 2023