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24 July 2023

The latest in the Microsoft Activision Acquisition with Bloomberg businessweek

Headshot of Joost Rietveld

The last 18 months have been a trying time for tech giant Microsoft as they have trying to persuade regulators to approve the deal. Competition expert, Joost Rietveld has been speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek to discuss the regulating body the CMA’s decision to pause their blockage  of the merger.

Speaking for Bloomberg Businessweek, Joost explains that the UK regulator is the last to approve the deal under the premise that it will hinder innovation and choice for consumers, and why he believes in an unexpected move, they have paused their blockage of the merger and entered into negotiations with Microsoft.

Joost said, “At a time when the UK is struggling to keep up its reputation as an economic powerhouse, as well as being a fertile breeding ground for tech start-ups, it doesn’t look good if its competition regulator is the only one left taking issue with such a high-profile deal.”

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Last updated Thursday, 27 July 2023