UCL School of Management

30 September 2020

Jim Berry appears on Success in Finance Podcast

Jim Berry recently caught up with ‘Success in Finance’ podcast host Daniel Camm to discuss the skills and experience needed to be a successful leader in the finance industry, and how an MBA can help to develop skills to give a broader understanding of the world of business and the strategic needs of an organisation. 

Jim’s experience working with a number of successful and aspirational professionals across a variety of industries and roles, including finance, means that he is familiar with the ingredients required for a successful career in the finance and business industry.

Specific knowledge and further education in a niche area such as wealth management, investment, tax or mergers are needed, however, Jim believes for an individual to progress in their career, understanding the broader context of business is essential. This helps professionals to communicate with clients and understand the needs of the organisation they work for or the client they consult for. With a deeper understanding of the industry and business, a finance professional can delve further into the nuances that happen with a transaction or deal and what the legal covenants and structures. 

Jim suggests an MBA is perfect for experienced and motivated individuals looking to progress in their careers and become strong leaders as it facilitates this learning and development, by making you step back and take in a wider view of the sector. He says this helps create a better understanding of both the niche areas and, importantly, how wider aspects of business affect your organisation, ultimately helping you to become a better leader.

Listen to the full interview

Last updated Thursday, 1 October 2020