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26 September 2023

The driving factors behind the slowing down of the Great Resignation

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With the Great Resignation movement slowing down, and in some sectors has come to an end, Anthony Klotz has been talking with Brazilian news outlet O Globo to discuss the reasons behind this change.

The rate of voluntary resignations in the US has dipped since the exponential increase experienced across the globe following the pandemic, and power dynamic has shifted once again and is favourable to employers. Anthony explains that whilst the Great Resignation may be a thing of the past for some sectors (it is still prominent in those such as healthcare) there are still some clear traces, which if companies are not careful could reignite the movement.

Reports show that the reason for this slowing down of the great resignation is due to the current global economy - people have less financial freedom and are more hesitant to leave a secure income. However, Anthony highlights that it goes beyond this, another reason for employees remaining in their current workplace is due to the change in their work environments. Employers have learned a lesson from the pandemic and have built environments employees enjoy working in and feel respected it.

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Last updated Monday, 2 October 2023