UCL School of Management

20 July 2023

Capgemini Leader Dr James Robey gives UCL SoM Analytics Lab talk

Dr James Robey, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Environmental Sustainability at Capgemini, recently delivered a captivating and significant talk for the UCL School of Management Analytics Lab

The UCL School of Management Analytics Lab is offered as an online enrichment module to students and alumni of the UCL BEAMS School, and explores business analytics and the digital economy through practical experience.

Dr James Robey emphasised the crucial role of technology and digitisation in sustainability efforts, emphasising the need for careful application to maximise its benefits. He discussed the major trends shaping the corporate sustainability agenda, focusing on digital solutions for achieving net-zero emissions and positive social outcomes. Throughout his talk, James reiterated the importance of integrating sustainability into core business strategies.

Since 2008, James has been leading Capgemini’s sustainability agenda, starting with the establishment of the company’s first carbon reduction targets. Under his guidance, Capgemini has embarked on a global net-zero program, with targets to become a net-zero business by 2040, achieve operational carbon neutrality by 2025, and extend sustainability efforts to the supply chain by 2030.

You can watch the full talk or find out more about the UCL School of Management Analytics Lab.

Last updated Thursday, 20 July 2023